My rap/poem/philosophy/w.e you wanna call it

A guys life is hard, think about it
we have to work, provide and try
to accomplish our dreams
that seem
so easily obtainable
but in reality its impossible

for we cant get a job if another intern is related to the boss
and we cant get back home if were ever lost
we cant find jobs like that
or get tips on how not to be fat

we look at life straight
and life looks back with hate
if the boss is angry he will yell at us
but if its a girl, there wont be a fuss
when rape is mentioned, a guy is brought up
but when a girl is the raper, its just unheard of

when a guy cant go to college, he might end up in the streets
but a girl can show some leg if she wants and it will all be sweet
a guy cant straight expect acceptance from a girl
but a girl can expect acceptance from a guy
why do we try
ill tell you why
because one day
when the sky is grey
god will look to man
and say he has a plan
to make us all truly equal
and finally make life's sequel