Willing to do any type of requested design for negotiable prices
i've also went by other names: Outczt, Molly, Mollyarts, OhZummie

Pictures of created Designs if they are low quality i can send the image over skype or screen share and show you them
these are not all of the designs i have created i have tons more.

gyazo. com/4c11a8ceaedc1ee25672404926c179e3 (My Favorite)
gyazo. com/9c42720d686babd5d3ea0558dc362637 (Daft punk theme CRAZY)
gyazo. com/98d2b411de7afd7b0e473a8f34918a8d
yazo. com/21843e5bd926c5928c6bb6751329cd97
gyazo. com/a5b4e5059b48af134098e55f67b27b32
gyazo. com/e802daac7251b55fdb22d36a83832c87
gyazo. com/3c6395cdca7d9ace8a8eb03585bfdaec
gyazo. com/f3717a85ad5642f7c7afe4e50bcbdaf3
gyazo. com/67d93d756e22230aee19aa31a499c529
gyazo. com/c9547bf23167aa2534333e68b4f7034a

Video of me created a design skip to 1:51 - youtube. com/watch?v=WDMkdsUucMw&feature=youtu.be&t=1m51s

For stuff reguard business and purchases please contact me over skype: outczt
Serious buyers only!
thanks you have a nice day