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    How to make bots in HellQuest

    I would like to know the basics on how to make bots in hellquest because I want to help myself and other players that need a bot in Hidden Project.

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    HellQuest 101 - Bot Making

    I don't always post here but when I do it means I'm bored af.

    • HellQuest
    • Patience

    When making bots first thing you need to check is if it's safe to bot on the server you're playing. (it's never safe.)
    After that is the process of the bot.

    Sample process of a bot with quests:
    1. Join private room
    2. Accept quest
    3. Kill monsters
    4. Turn in quest
    5. Repeat
    6. ???
    7. Profit.

    In-depth instruction:

    1. Open HellQuest.
    2. Connect to desired server via "Manual Connection".
    3. Login.
    4. On the side of HellQuest you should see three buttons below the packet sniffer. Click "Start".

    Clear - clears the captured packets.
    Stop - stops capturing of packets.
    Start - starts capturing packets.

    What is a packet sniffer?
    - Simply records/captures a packet within a session.

    What packets can it capture? --Almost anything like:
    • Move packets
    • Join packets
    • Attack packets
    • Quest packets
    • Shop packets

    5. You should now see some packets on your side.
    6. Go to the place you want to bot. (I recommend joining private rooms e.g. map-999999)
    7. After that search for the packet that looks like this:
    What is this packet?
    - Join/tfer packets. Basically its the packet for joining maps.
    *You can change the username to yours and the mapname into anything as long it exists.

    8. After clicking the packet you should see it transferred to the packet sender right below.

    What is a packet sender?
    - Simply sends the packet to do its function.

    9. On the top of the packet sender, click "Add to List"
    10. You should see it transferred on the packet list (on the lower-right side of the HellQuest)

    What is this packet list?
    - This is the anatomy of the bot were making. The list basically send each packet on a fraction of a second.

    11. After that were going to capture our next packet, the "Accept quest"
    12. Simply just get the quest you want to do.
    13. Search for the packet that looks like this:
    acceptQuest Packets
    - It's simply the packet for accepting quests
    *The "123" on the code is the quest id. There are threads here in forum with quest id list. You can change it to anything as long it exists.

    14. Click it and send it to packet list.
    15. After that were going to capture our next packet, the "Kill monsters"
    16. Simply just kill the required monster for the quest.
    17. Search for the packet that looks like this:
    Attack/gar packets
    - It's simply the packet for attacking monsters.
    *The "aa>m:1" is basically doing the work,
    aa = Auto Attack,
    a1= 1st Skill,
    a2 = 2nd Skill,
    a3 = 3rd Skill,
    a4 = 4th Skill.
    m:1 = Monster no. - you can change this to anything as long it exists. (Usually it follows the no. of monsters in the map.)
    *Each gar packet is equal to one attack therefore you need to know how many attacks to kill the monster.

    18. Click it and send it to the packet list multiple times depending on how many attacks to kill the monster.
    19. After that were going to capture our last packet, the "Turn in quest"
    20. Simply just turn in the quest.
    21. Search for the packet that looks like this:
    Turn in quest/tryQuestComplete
    - It's simply the packet for turn in/finishing the quest.
    *The "123" on the code is still the Quest ID. You can change it to anything as long it exists. (And make sure the quest is finished.)

    22. After that you should now have a packet list that looks like this:
    23. Below the packet list, there is a "Delay:". This is basically the delay for sending each packet. That means if you put 1000ms, each packet will be sent for 1 second. So if there are 4 packets in total, it would take 4 seconds to finish a single bot. (Always stay on a safe delay in order to prevent of disconnection.)
    24. Let's test our bot, simply click the check box right before the "Spam". You'll notice that after sending the last packet it will go back to first and repeat it all again. Thus, an infinite loop is occurring.
    25. Once the bot is successfully running. You can save it as an .spt file so you can access it whenever you want. (You could also share it if you want.)

    That's all.

    Fun fact: What I said is just the tip the iceberg. There are a lot of things you can do with packets. Explore and have fun.

    P.S. Don't ask me anything. This is my way to relieve my boredom.

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