Hey guys, I'm Keda/Kaxelite.

I've been getting kind of bored of certain games recently and thought I'd give AQW a go again. But since I'm not a fan of AQW retail I decided to test some private servers. Now, there's a few decent ones out there like "Augoeides" and "Onclax V3" but I've played both I can honestly say none of them were anything...special? Anyway, I was curious If anyone with any knowledge and experience with AQW server developing would like to start up a new project. As I have little to no experience with AQW emulation, I'm kind of depending you you guys to pull through and help me out! Being a WoW player, I got into the WoW emulation scene back in 2011. I've done numerous WoW projects where I learned some SQL developing, graphic design and a few other things.

Server Ideas:

- Fully custom questline/storyline that keeps players interested.
- LOTS of maps & items.
- Frequent server updates to maintain player interest.
- Custom in-game interface.
- Introduce some sort of group PvP.
- Custom races.

I know this Isn't exactly an amazing idea, but there's always room for improvement and suggestions are more than welcome! I'd just really like to get a project going and get a decent server out there for all you fellow AQW players!

Contact me on Skype: Kedasin

Thank you for reading, take care!