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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Game tweaks

    Hello there, I am an old member of MPGH, stalking this page for yearsand trying to help people in case of having trouble with optimizing their game. In this thread I would like to help you guys in tweaking you CoD:AW. I have experienced some trouble with this game, I was able to play with ~20 FPS before modificating, right now I am playing at 60-80 FPS on the 1920x1080 resolution.

    What to turn on/off to increase the performance?
    Resolution - Most important setting for your optics, try to put it your original computer resolution.
    Display mode - Fullscreen-Mode increases the performance a bit, being in the window-mode splits the concentration of your CPU on other processes

    Sync Every Frame (VSync) - SLI-owners and high-performance freaks shall turn it off, it freezes your amount of FPS on 60.
    FOV - rendering distance, the lower you set it, the less VRAM the game takes.
    Render resolution - You can lower it to increase the performance, the textures will look kinda blurred, in case of having an old PC, you have to take it in buy.

    Texture quality - set it on high when having the Anisotropic Filtering, putting it on extra will eat alot of your VideoRAM. You can manually try to regulate it.
    Texture/ Normal Map/Specular Map Resolution - It's up to you, the higher it is, the more memory you need, the lower the FPS amount.
    Antsotropic Filtering - Personally I turn it off, it makes the edges of the textures more smooth but consumes your memory.

    Shadows - I have turned them off, as the games has already finished textures including own shadows. Simply it won't generate any shadows of objects like players or obstacles.
    Shadow Map Resolution - Put it on normal
    Cache Sun/Spot Shadow Maps - Turn it off!

    Post process option - I have turned them off, you can try by your own to make the game look better..

    AA-Options - the AA is heavy on this game, don't even try to put it on 16x.

    Shader-Preload - turn it on to have less sluterring in-game, but you will take much longer loading the game.

    Miscellaneus-Options - Turn the bullet impatcs on if you want, the don't have any influence on your performance. Set the amount of dynamic lights on 2 to increase some rendering sped.

    Advanced tweaks
    In the multiplayer config (config_mp.cfg) you may edit some command lines to increase your game experience.

    Raw mouse input -
    seta cl_mouseAccel “0”
    seta in_mouse “1”
    Make sure mouseAccel is set to 0 (default value). Change the in_mouse value from 1 to 2, so it reads: seta in_mouse “2”
    Now you will be able to get rid of your mouse lags.

    Increasing the VRAM-Usage -
    Set the seta r_videoMemoryScale to "1", you will take 100% of your VideoRAM when ingame.

    Enabling SLI (Only NVidia-SLI-Cards) -
    Patch your drivers to the Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 344.60 WHQL driver, you don't need to do this manually anymore.

    I hope I was able to help you in getting some more FPS, feel free to ask some questions in this thread or post your own tweaks!

    Game tweaks, FPS boosting, config editing
    PM in case you need some help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sewek View Post
    Raw mouse input -
    seta cl_mouseAccel “0”
    seta in_mouse “1”
    Make sure mouseAccel is set to 0 (default value). Change the in_mouse value from 1 to 2, so it reads: seta in_mouse “2”
    Now you will be able to get rid of your mouse lags.
    must be set to: seta in_mouse “-1”

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