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    Question Receiving emails from MPGH from subscribed threads

    So, I have been receiving emails any/every time someone posts on a thread that I have posted on. But, when I log on to my MPGH account and go to settings to unsubscribe from the threads, it says that I have 0 subscribed threads.... Also, when I click the actual email itself, and then click the little link that says "click here to unsubscribe" it takes me to but it gives me an error that says: "An invalid threadid or forumid was specified."

    I have searched the forums a bit... Not A LOT, i guess im a bit lazy.. so I am here now trying to get a quick answer. If anyone can help Id appreciate it... thanks for taking the time to read this post. Have a wonderful day.

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    You were set to receive daily email notifications, changed it to subscribe without notification. I don't think it works retroactively, but hopefully it solves the issue.

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