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    Sectional Information

    This section is solely for the purpose for staff to assist you with recovering your account, or any other issues you may be having with your account that you may need support with. For any general inquiries or help required, post a thread in the Suggestions, Requests & Help section.

    If you have a complaint against a staff member, would like to report abuse, or you are currently banned on another account of yours (e.g. Scamming, Ban Evasion), then post a thread about your situation in the Staff Disputes section.

    If you would like to make profile changes to your account, such as changing your username, or your user title, post a thread in the Profile Edit Requests section if you meet the requirements to do so.

    If you have lost access to your account (Forgot password, Cannot reset password/email, Forgot Email, etc) then post a thread here with as much information on your account that you have. What would assist us is the following (if known). Please post your Username, Email, Details about loss of access, when it occurred and what caused it, etc.

    The more information you can provide about your account and your situation clearly will help us better help and resolve your issue.

    To summarize, this section is only for Account Recovery & Account Support
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