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    Old account recovery request !

    Hi guys,

    This is about my old account /forum/ member.php?u=571867
    I never actually considered posting here but i am going to try it anyway, i understand if its not possible but please hear me out.

    I have actually signed up here for the first time along time ago and i was a pretty active member but i went away for a while.
    When i came back after like a year or more i cant be exact, i forgot my password.
    So i tried to reset it, and i thought / still think i know the right email addres i used as it had many...

    I also remember i had alot of private message with a guy named "house"
    and some with this guy and i think he was an admin or something back then /forum/ members/171396-obama.html
    as he was the guy to change my user title to "Whitehat Modder"

    This account hasnt been active for so long
    I hope someone here can help me to change the email on this account !
    /forum/ member.php?u=571867

    ************ the playstation account i linked to that account is still active i can prove it through playstation network ***********
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    Email was if you cannot recover it with that email, provide a new one currently not used by another mpgh account, and I will change it to that and you can recover the account @rkaf .

    Email changed.

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