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    Best Settings for teh hack

    share your settings with everyone, i currently use

    // ------------------------- Aimbot Settings -------------------------

    // The maximum distance in pixels that the mouse is allowed to move from the center of the screen.
    BOT_MAX_DIST = 200 // Set this to -1 to ignore any distance restrictions.

    // This will reduce the huge "hop" distance after you kill a player to make it look more realistic.
    BOT_MAX_HOP_DIST = 50 // Set this to the same number as BOT_MAX_DIST to disable.

    // The maximum amount of pixels the aimbot is allowed to aim off the target.
    // This will make the aimbot aim wildly. Might make it not look so obvious that you're hacking.

    // The speeds for the aimbot, the explanation for them are as follows:
    // BOT_SPEED_1 refers to the aimbot speed when you've JUST aimed at a player
    // (which is initially a little slow) but as a certain amount of frames have passed
    // (BOT_SPEED_TICK_1), the next speed is activated (BOT_SPEED_2) and after BOT_SPEED_TICK_2
    // frames have passed, the speed stays at BOT_SPEED_3. Feel free to fiddle with this.
    BOT_SPEED_1 = 12
    BOT_SPEED_TICK_1 = 15
    BOT_SPEED_2 = 3
    BOT_SPEED_TICK_2 = 25
    BOT_SPEED_3 = 4.5
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