If you are using multiple Hacks for CoD Ghosts then making this .bat file will start them all up with 1 click
open a new document in your text editor
copy and paste this code
@EcHo off

Then edit it with the following information

@EcHo off
rem (Program W/o extention) Eg. IW7mp
cd (Directory to the file. one folder for each line) Eg. Desktop
cd Ghosts
cd (Program w extension) Eg. IW7mp.exe
start (Program W/o extention) Eg. IW7mp

after you add all the programs it should look something like this

@EcHo off
rem Lunch
cd Desktop
cd Ghosts
cd Lunch.exe
start Lunch
rem GhostVisualTool
cd GhostVisualTool.exe
start GhostVisualTool
rem Radar
cd Radar.exe
start Radar
rem Multiplayer
cd C:/
cd Program Files (x86)
cd Steam
cd SteamApps
cd common
cd Call of Duty Ghosts
cd iw6mp64_ship.exe
start iw6mp64_ship.exe

then, Save it as "Whatever you want".bat
now when you open this, all your hacks and game will open too!