hello to MPGH users who read this,

I am unsure if i was supposed to post this here but i could not see a discussion topic or any kind of thing. please lead me in the right direction if this is the wrong place. thanks

THE PROBLEM: My problem is when i play ghosts multiplayer it freezes. when it freezes it can not recover forcing me to hit the shut down button on the pc (as i cannot alt+tab or any other ways to get out of the game). i have never had this problem in any other game nor do i have this problem in any other game mode on ghosts.

MY ANALYSIS: for some odd reason i think its my processor. please let me know if other wise, although i do intend to upgrade it to a AMD FX-9370 8 Core, do you thing this will work?

Processor: AMD FX - 8120
Graphics card: Powercolor Radeon HD7970 3GB

please let us know if you need any other info, thanks