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    GHOSTS image integrity checks

    So a bit of bad news about the repacker Tom was working on is that they don't use crc32, good news is Tom is writing his own algorithm to convert the correct image size pixel by pixel Only a matter of time! He has half the gun color showing up in multiplayer as im writing this soon we will be able to change any texture in the game we want! And since I donated $200 to him to get him to make this and he is releasing this exclusive to me if anyone wishes to donate to me to help the pain of my massive donation feel free, once I figure out how to put a donate button up lmao

    11:07 WinCat: in about 30mins to a hour i should have the whole gun pink lol
    11:07 chrisproblade: thats sick man
    11:07 WinCat: game getting owned
    11:08 chrisproblade: and when you finish the tool it will just do that for all images changed then?
    11:08 WinCat: it's anoying though since they don't use crc32 for intergraty checks
    11:08 WinCat: i can forge a crc32 easy
    11:09 chrisproblade: yea they really wanted to stop those custom textures lmao
    11:09 WinCat: the hash they uses requires cetrain pixels in the image at correct locations to be changed by exactly the right amount lol
    11:09 WinCat: in order to make the hash result in the value i want
    11:10 WinCat: anyway I will continue..
    11:13 chrisproblade: sweet man you are the king
    11:13 WinCat:
    11:13 WinCat: it's all automated you just provide new image and name
    11:13 WinCat: program process it all updates files and edits image to give the corrrect hash

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