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    How to prestige with CE and/or fix it

    Hi all, this is my first post here, i'm not new here but i loose my old account changing PC (it was from mw2).

    This post is for help people to get prestige with Cheat Engine.

    What u need?:

    First of all some table with XP adress, Squad Tokens and ofcourse Prestige adresses (prestige will need only if u wanna FIX some issue).

    Open CE and attach it to ghost when u'r in barrack (search for tutorial in the forum on how to use). Set big ammount of Squad points and unloock ALL squad members and every 6 loudout.

    Start with first member and set XP to belowe 60 ( XP = 4000 ) close CE and play. After Prestige reopen CE and go to next member NAME (from XP adres r mouse b and click on browse this memory region and scrol down ) and select first leter like in photo to find right byte (red squre show you) then set new value for second member ( 4000 dec is 9c 40 so change the byte in red square like this 40 9c ) and so on prestige after prestige for all members, from one until last or do it one time for all but play in sequence for get prestige to get it more legit from one to last.
    After change other members XP get a look if everythink is right in barrak, some value can be changing from one member to other member.

    Now if u have issue with prestige and/or wanna reset all, set prestige value back to 0 and set the byte to 00 (even 1 byte before red square ) for all members, this will change only rank to 0 and not weapon or att.

    I hope this will help you and let me no by clicking on thanks.

    P.S. sorry for my bad english
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