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    Lightbulb Hi guys, Im not begging for hacks...I just need some help.

    Hey guys, Can anyone help me out? I'm tried of waiting for hacks and being frustrated once it gets patched.
    That's why I'm here to learn.
    I need someone to teach me, over skype or over whatever social media you prefer.
    Its quite difficult for me to learn over the net because I have no knowledge of C++ or python or any coding language whatsoever.
    So if any kind people out there who sees this post and helps me out, ill be willing to learn even if you say its difficult. Provided you guide me step by step.
    So please guys, teach me 1 hack for example...Norecoil? Chams with Nutella.
    I just want one that I can update it myself whenever theres a patch.
    I promise I wont share it after I learn how to do it.
    Please and thanks guys.

    My skype is Skylife2239
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