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    Post {PS4} Offering boost in any way you can think of :) - {PS4}

    Heya guys.
    I was not sure whether to post this as info or as a release, so I chose release. Hope that's fine with you peeps, otherwise you may ofcourse edit it.

    Anyhow, just wanted to let you know that I do any boost of any kind, resupply exploit / trackerdart ,grappling/zipline exploits, kill boosting and anything you'd want, got a few other things I know of aswell but i'll keep that from the public since those things get around very quickly and before you know of it EA is doing all they can do get it fixed, but ofcourse we'll see what happens once we get started and talkin'.
    Also I'm fully upgraded hacker 100 gold stars, pretty experienced incase you want ez mode syndicate weapon tier 4 rep boosting.. just let me know, And any assigments, for example if you need 200 kills or melee kills or whatever, for any assigment, i'm willing to help - I have a.. target practice dummy account I'd call it, so I don't care about the K/D ratio which is seriously messed up anyway after all this time haha.

    Just saying again incase someone missed it, I'm on PS4.
    So just send me a pm eventually with your PSN, and maybe you could let me know what kind of help you need in the PM, we'll find out in which way we do it, individually.

    Well that's it for this time, hope you're all doing good see you around lads.
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    i'm looking for a tier 4 10 x rep boost *i'm always getting to the 3rd before the timer runs out*

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