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    Cool Black Ops 3 Hack - XP, Kills, Score

    Hey, Just a simple post. Jest been messing around with cheat engine and getting the hang of finding out offsets and ive found these. Couldn't find anywhere online with offsets that worked so I managed to find these my self. Only done these 3 but will try and get some more.

    XP - D2E284364 (4 Bytes)
    Kills - D2E283450 (4 Bytes)
    Score - D2E2843A0 (4 Bytes)

    Quick tutorial for those who don't know how it works:

    1: Open Cheat Engine
    2: Click Add Address Manually
    3: Enter the offset (D2E284364) - <- Will change the XP
    4: Put XP as description (So you know its XP your changing)
    5: Set to 4 Bytes, Click OK
    6: Double Click Value (Opens it so you can change it), Input amount of XP (1,457,200 is the amount to reach Lvl 55)
    7: Do the same for the others.

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    Post your offsets [URL=""]hereURL]. Makes the section cleaner.


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