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    Exclamation Regarding The Current Status Of The OMM Services

    Greetings, fellow Adventure Quest (AQ) merchants and traders. It has come to my attention that some of you still aren't aware of the current status of the Official Middleman services. The truth is that they are still currently suspended, not for much longer though. If everything goes as accorded, they should be back up quite soon. In the meantime, trade at your own risk and now you know, if someone adds you on Skype/whatever communication form you use claiming to be an Official Middleman of MPGH, they are lying and trying to scam you. In case such a thing happens, please report them here. Also, make sure to read this before doing so. Last, but not least, please note that the use of Unofficial Middlemen is by no means allowed meaning you can't ask your friend/cousin/etc to 'MM' your trade.

    Thank you for understanding and complying with the rules,
    - MPGH Staff
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