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    The revolution we need, but don't have with a little personal story.

    Imagine countries start an other world war.
    It would mean the lack of comprehension of the way our planet runs and it would explain the disability of the current governments.

    So live through my fantasy here:

    World war happens, countries are busy wiping each other out. We know the countries aren't fighting a war based on patriotism, there's something money driven going on. People focus on living and securing themselves, but a small group of people avoid the major fight and start their own fight.

    Not a fight against the world war nor any country.
    A silent fight against the world governments and corruption.
    The governments as we know no longer exists.
    Countries are no longer a thing. The name unrightfully given to the country by the historic conquerors is nothing more but a symbol now.

    The world has awakened.

    There is no more seperation among the human beings.
    We're all one, we no longer focus on the progress of one country, we focus on the progress of one nation. A world nation.
    There is no more enemy to fight. Only thing left to fight is criminality, hunger, poverty and technological imperfection.

    Money is no longer spent on governmential politicians, no longer wasted on useless wars and no longer will there be need for nuclear deterrence.
    Money goes to research of human progression, technological advances, homes, feeding, fighting criminality. There is no longer war. Money saved from wars is so abundant people receive sufficient funds world wide to have a comfortable life.

    The world is a fucked place.
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    Two flaws in this:
    1. You cannot suppress societal differences completely and hence, conflict.
    2. Sufficient money for everyone to live a comfortable life will ultimately deter them from working, causing necessities such as food to not be produced and thus, lead to more conflict.

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