We aren't obligated to worship god, because if we were supposed to, he'd unleash his holy dick on our unholy asses. God is a supernatural being with epic proportions which people can comprehend with the uttermost ease. He is a belief, if you will. If no one believed in god, we wouldn't be talking about it right now. People's belief in god is the human nature to reach out and grasp to the closest making of sense. When your on the verge to death, you hope you'll live, and start praying to a god. And, in a sense, we are gods; we are maker's of worlds (people's minds), and we can choose to destroy those world's when we get royally pissed enough. Who is to say that there is no god, no Satan, no heaven and no hell, when, since we know there are other dimensions, that God, in all his, "holyness", is in another realm. He could be watching us, but be imprisoned in his own creation. Or, as some others say, he could be asleep, but his dreams can influence the world aound us. Think of war. If god really had an opinion in who won or who lost, he'd help that side. He has not, so he "hath" (rofl) set a course to an ultimate end: the destruction of men.