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    I don't think you all understand communism, communism is extreme socialism. Communism has nothing to do with how a leader is chosen... you could have a democratic communism, it's just never happened. I think the quote is true, if humans were less greedy communism would work.

    communism is a type of government where everyone is given equal stuff, and property doesn't exist. It's hard to explain in a forum but I'll try my best. No matter what your job is, a janitor or a CEO of a successful country.. you make the same amount of money. communism was created to eliminate the classes... which is a good thing, it means no more poor people and no more rich people. If you lived in a communist state everything you owned, everyone else owned. If you wanted to cut down a tree by the house you live in you wouldn't be allowed to because it's not your tree, it's everyone's tree so you have no right to cut down everybody's tree.

    Communism gets a bad rap because of the amount of times people have tried it, then someone has become a leader and fucked it up... I think you need to balance everything. a capitalist only country could mean bad things such as corruption, a socialist only country could also mean bad things... such as corruption! The Russians claimed to be communist, but they weren't really... they tried communism and they fucked themselves with it. The problem with communism is that it is hard to sustain an economy with it because nobody wants to do well in life with it (because they aren't given any reason to.. the government does everything for them!)
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