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    In contrary to popular opinion, I do not feel a certain disgust for or disapprove of teen pregnancies. It amazes me that in the last so many years this has become such a huge issue, and especially within the young society. Teenage girls who become pregnant are put on some sort of podium and yelled at and judged by people who have no business with them. It's disgusting.

    Biologically speaking a teenage pregnancy is perfectly normal. And until very recently it was also needed for the survival of our species. It was nothing but common for teenage girls to become pregnant with teenage boys. Even in the not so distant history teenage pregnancies are perfectly fine. Only in the last few hundred years (arguably even only last century) has this changed completely. As our life expectancy increased exponentially and women gained more and more equal rights teen pregnancies became something to be looked down upon (ironically).

    I'm not arguing that teen pregnancies are still essential for our survival nor am I arguing that it's the best choice for a teen girl. What I am arguing is that it's ludicrous to ask someone what they judge a pregnant teen girl to be. Our bodies are made for teen pregnancies and the urges are strong, it's only natural they will continue to exist as long as our bodies allow them to. Any educated member of society should realize that while teen pregnancies are something teenagers should be educated about and discouraged of, we shouldn't treat and think of them the same as STDs (which we are starting to do more and more).
    No one is treating them like an STD. But the way a lot of them act you'd think they would have multiple STD's. Sure there are a couple that spring from a leak, or maybe the pill didn't work etc, but most are caused by pure recklessness. Yes their bodies can handle it (that's assuming they even take care of themselves, most do not), but there are so many other factors that all add up to one big mess, for the people involved and for society.

    A majority of them end up on welfare and I don't want my tax dollars going to some slag who couldn't keep her legs closed.
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