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ok everyone i can tell you about wat is going to happen around 2012 that is true. right now as i am typing and u are reading the earths magnetic poles are starting to shift. this is fact and has been proven by top scientists. at first they thought that the earth was losing its magnetic field altogether at an alarming rate. but as a few years passed they could see that the magnetic field was actually reversing itself and not disapeering. this was a mayan and a nostrodamaus prediction aswell that north pole would become south and south become north. so if it contiunues to do this at the speed it is magnetic north will be magnetic south in just a few years and there is nothing we can do but to sit back, cross our fingers, and pucker up our buttholes because we might be kissin our asses goodbye.also another atronamical anomaly is supposed to happen aswell that is fact on dec. 2012, the earth will be aligned with the center of our milky way galaxy. scientist dont know wat this will cause because it has never happened before, although our magnetic poles have shifted quite a few times in the past, no one knows how all this will effect the earth going on simoultaniously. so you decide, either by preparing for your inevitable doom, or ignoring the mass histeria that comes around every 10 years about the world coming to an end........
Yes almost everything you are saying is true, the earth will line up with the center of the universe, JUST LIKE IT DOES EVERY YEAR. Google
"Neil De'grasse Tyson 2012" Tyson is an astrophysicists and the host of NOVA Now.