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    An Educational Rant

    Alright, lets start about my basic introduction about this. I'm annoyed about the number of people who don't know little things that are important to their argument. So, the core principles of my arguments revealed.

    Branches Of The Government:
    Okay, lets look at the USA, the example you are all clamoring to use. Lets see, I count 1, 2, 3, 3 branches of government. Legislature (makes the laws), judicial (interprets the laws), and executive (executes the laws). Now, lets look at Japan. Well, the government is divided into 3. But wait, whats this? There are actually another 3 branches of government, one of which the first 3 are merely a part of. Corporate (big companies, the money people), departments (in charge of day to day affairs), the government (comprised of the 3 previous branches, in charge of the general direction the country heads). Now its time to shift our vision to some Arab countries. Legislative, judicial and executive branches all exist, but there is also the theocratic branch, the scholars of Islam that control the masses. This "4th branch" are practically royalty, and it balances out the power of the military, which branches us to yet another branch. In almost all de facto nations, the Military is a separate branch from the executive branch. This isn't true in countries where the Military doesn't stage coups every time the current President dies, such as the United States of America, but in some countries in the Middle East, the Military has a tight grasp over its own country's political system. That concludes my presentation.

    Asian Steppes:
    No, I did not put Steps as Steppes and make a typo, they are called the Asian Steppes. I am referring to what is now Russia (and some other small countries in that area), what used to be the USSR. Now, as a proud child of a Soviet I hate to see you idiots call it "Russia". Union of (not united) Soviet Socialist Republics. Now, let me point some things. First off, it says Union and Republics. Yes, the USSR was actually not one big chunk of land, but rather had a central system of government very much similar to the U.S.A., with state-like territories, most of which are now independent nations. Now, how about I point out another thing. Socialist. SOCIALIST! We weren't communist, we were socialists. Communism is an ideal, something that we stride to achieve, the fruit of our labors. Communism (when the definition is translated from Russian) means "Each as he can and each as he needs". You work as hard as you can, you get as much as you need, there is not set, equal distribution. Capitalism, on the other hand, is translated as "Each as he can and each to his own", meaning you work as much as you can, and you get however much it is you deserve. Now, notice, not need, deserve. Now, the last concept, Socialism. "Each as he can and each as each other". In other words, in Socialism, you all get exactly the same amount as anybody else. That is, if Socialism has ever been achieved. Which it hasn't. The problem with these systems of government is the basic human fault, greed. If everybody was perfect, Communism would have my vote, if I could trust the government and everybody outside of it was imperfect, Socialism would have my vote, but in every single ex-socialist country it has turned out that there has been corrupted politician after corrupted politician. In other words, what Socialism turned into is "Each to his own, but us, each as the other, but more for us". Now, there is one more thing that separates Socialism, Communism and all of their sub-branches from Capitalism, and that is: Governmental control of the economy. For a country to be truly socialist the government must have near complete control of the economy. Can you list a single country that matches this criteria? Strangely enough, there are none. North Korea, Cuba and China all have big corporations not (directly) controlled by the government. No more Socialists for us.

    Now, before addressing the mistakes about Taiwan, lets look at China. Or should I say, the People's Republic of China. Now, you may laugh, but technically speaking, China is a democracy. They do hold elections, though the victor is always the one set up to be the victor. But, back to Taiwan. Back when the Red Revolution happened in China the emperor of that time escaped, knowing that if he didn't he would be killed by the Red Revolutionaries. Where did he escape to? The neighboring island of Taiwan. So, to shorten up the story, Taiwan has declared itself a different nation, and actually the "real" China, as it has the emperor. Officially the political state is called the Republic of China. Notice, not not People's.

    That wraps it up. I'll rant more for your education later.

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    Good to see a person on MPGH that has a slight grasp on reality. Prevet te zasgavaravaisha pa rusky?
    "We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter." ~ Denis Diderot

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    A lot of people can find better things to do then study this. Don't bitch about it when people do.. Let people create a debate, and you can oppose it.

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