ok many of you probably dont know who edward cayce is... he was a 20th centurry prophet and he told the future.
ok heres how it went down, he used to lay on the couch and fall sleep, then people would ask him any question and he would answer in great detail. he asked his assistant to write down anything he says..
one woman came to him about his son who was in the army and she asked him if her son would live, then he predicted no.
2 weeks later the woman got a telegram stating that her son died from a gun shot wound.
he predicted ww2 by saying: that there will be a war and the germans will be involved and the americans will have to fight in order to protect mankind.
7 or 8 years later, ww2 happened.
this man was amazing and i have no idea how he did this.
one day some one asked him: where are you getting this information, and he said from a place in the universe where all information is stored.

one day somebody asked him about the lost continent of atlantis and he said: atlantis was as big as europe, and they were far more technologically advanced than us and one day they abused their power and they became corrupt with greed and they destroyed themselves..

he predicted atlantis would rise again in the 1980's.. it didnt, but on thatday large rocks appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean and people think that has something to do with it. please speak up this is an open discussion