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    Quote Originally Posted by AeriaAVA View Post
    China , USSR including Russia and United Arab Union vs USA , Europe and Israel

    But you know if you have nuclear we have oil , and I'm gonna tell you what will happens(WW3)

    Arab will stop giving you oil , Europe will go to USA please tell Israel to stop the war and USA go to Israel please stop the war.

    Don't forget that Egypt Destroyed Bar Liv Line In 6 Hours Which is the strongest line in the World!

    We won 1973 war we made Israel go back to Palestine and before all of that France + England + Israel = lost together vs Egypt.

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    Many people say Israel has beaten Egypt 2 times and we have beaten them 2 times too.

    But the 2 times we were defeated because the weapon .

    Arabs own everything, and you little kid still haven't seen anything of what Arab can do,

    Israel is not shit only , it's bullshit it's consists terrorist people with USA , Only 65 Years made them believe they occupied Palestine.(poor people)

    That's it, I am your history teacher so i can explain to you more than that .

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    If you don't know something you talking about then don't talk.

    They cannot even go to Gaza because of Hamas.

    ---------- Post added at 12:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:39 AM ----------

    Boy , you better go to Italy before you die !! why you go to an occupied and rockets country?
    Lol our eccentric muslim fanboy is present on the forums once again.

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    Israel all the way.

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