There are various free to play games out there, to be honest I've never tried anything except First Person shooters and I am greatly disappointed by the Pay2Win strategy used. Specially a game called "Battlefield Play4free" of course created by EA. This game, I downloaded last week and in my first match I was fully aware of how money hungry the developers really are. The gun they provide you, worst recoil known to man kind, worst deviation, worst ADS, worst iron sights, worst everything.
Not only one, I have several other experiences like this. Crossfire, Project Blackout, Combat Arms, Soldier Front 2, etc.
Recently I tried out WarFace which is by Crytek, pretty nice graphics and decent gameplay, but again the Pay2Win thing also exists in there.

So what do you guys think?
Are Free 2 Play games always Pay 2 Win?
Yes, No, Maybe?