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    Angry Very important message

    That is enough.

    Section is crowded with various threads, and each contains different or same offsets. However, we have MAIN thread for ALL Game Offset/Address/Cheat Engine Table Mega-Thread HERE
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    Do not make a separate thread about them or else, it will be deleted and you may even be infracted for it if you turn out to be a repeat offender.

    I would like to ask you to respect all rules. IF you have a actual release, feel free to post it. If you only have Offsets/Addresses, post it in thread above.

    Everyone who posted its OWN Offsets/Addresses should post it in thread above, and threads will be closed in 48 hours. All threads with Offsets/Addresses posted from now, will be DELETED and infraction will be given.

    I already requested Discussion and Help subsections. That will also help keep release section clean
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