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    Truth of Satanism

    I've noticed that not a lot of people really know Satanism. Many, many people think that Satanism is all about killing, sacrificing, and bludgeoning creatures to serve Lucifer. Well, I'm here to say that there are different kinds of Satanism that certainly does not support these atrocities.

    LaVeyan Satanism:
    This belief was created by Anton Szandor LaVey. These type of Satanists do not believe in Gods, nor the Devil. Rather, they state that 'Satan' is actually a symbol of the darker, beastly nature of Man. They do not worship the Devil, but oneself as the center of one's own universe. They have their own Bible, and they even support Vengeance. They do not kill, or sacrifice.

    Deistic Satanism:
    This belief is close to LaVeyan, but they believe Satan is a impersonal supreme being or force.

    Ophidian Satanism:
    Ophidians believed that when the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with the Knowledge of Good and Evil, He was really trying to save them from the authoritarian power of the Jehova. The Ophidians, unlike Christians, did not identify the serpent as Satan, but as Sophia, the goddess of wisdom.

    Theistic Satanism:
    Now this one is the belief that Satan is the true god, the deity that is true. These type of Satanists worship Satan, as their god.

    Duotheist Satanism:
    They believe that Satan is not a god, but more of a fallen angel who has rebelled against the Creator, and who is trying to take the throne. They believe that this fallen angel has a chance of fighting against the Creator.

    Joy of Satanism:
    They believe that Satan and Jehovah are not actually supernatural beings, but mortal aliens living on a distant planet across the universe, who communicate telepathically with human beings and who are engaged in a psychic mind-war over our allegiance. Joy of Satanists tend to believe that all of the gods worshiped by humans throughout history are really extra-terrestrials.

    Gnostic Satanism:
    Gnostic Satanists, who are descended from the Ophidian Gnostics. The Gnostics believed that everything that existed was originally pure spirit; then the Demiurge (who was identified as the god of the Old Testament by Ophidian Gnostics, and with the Devil by Gnostic Christians) trapped our souls in matter and cut us away from the Source. The Gnostic Christians believed that Jesus Christ was an incorporeal spirit that had been sent into the world by the Source, not to save the human race by dying on the cross, but to teach the way of discovering Gnosis, knowledge of the divinity within which was believed to be the only way to escape the sinfulness of the material world.

    I'm aware that I did not state all of the versions of Satanism. I cannot, because it's late and I'm tired. But this is basically the quick, easy summary of Satanism. I hope this clears your ignorance.
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    This was an interesting read. Specifically Gnostic Satanism, Ophidian Satanism and Joy of Satanism.

    Gnostic Satanism reminds me of Aristotle's Metaphysics (The word demiurge).

    Ophidian Satanism reminds me of Enlightenment era philosophy because it focuses on freedom.

    Joy of Satanism just sounds plain cool and plausible because I've always had the thought at the back of my head that all religious deities might actually be extra-terrestrials that visited Earth at some one point. (If you look at Hindu gods for example, they're all white and bluish looking.)

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