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Fuck allah , fuck islam kthx bai
Why don't you respect us ?

What would you do if someone insulted your religion..?

We respect every religion every prophet we don't make difference about any prophet , our problem is we're defending for the truth. and you're defending for ... you know!

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Why should he? Why should he show respect to something he absolutely does not believe in? Should we respect Satanists? Should we respect people like Charles Manson and his little cult? Because they are considered religion in the eyes of their own believers?
Do you know why should we respect anyone and any religion?

because we believe in all prophets and Islam tell us to respect anyone even if he didn't...

And be good with him even if he bad with us.

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LOl .. I agree with you ..
I'm a Semi-Muslim BTW .. but I do not like to FORCE people to believe in my Religion ..
I'm not like an Egyptian .. who FORCES other people to believe in Islam .. I actually Hate People who call themselves Muslims but don't know anything about it ..
I'm not a Muslim . .. because I don't know A lot about my religion ..
But I won't go around and Bombing buildings and Protesting ..
Remember that protest about Removing the Video about insulting the Prophet .. Almost ALL of the Muslims went MAD and Crazy ..
It's Just a Damn Video!!
Just Ignore it and Do Not Feed it ..
In my country .. Youtube is blocked because Youtube won't remove the video .. but it's Just a video and people are still angry about it ..
IDGAF about that video ..
And Jihad .. My most hated word ..
In MY opinion .. Jihad means to Defend the Islamic state .. but to Egyptians and other .. ALLAHUAKBAR..BOOM!!
I sometimes feel ashamed to be among these people ..

Wow .. I wrote a lot .. and I don't even know what did I wrote ..
Ok .. Im going to sleep now .. bye
BTW jihad word none will know it except Arab cuz it come from Arabic Language and Qur'an is written in Arabic ...

Jihad: defending about your country or your religion or yourself or defending about the truth....

So please if you hate this word don't say it because you don't know it's meanning.