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    You do realize that 95% of "Satanists" don't even worship anything? Besides, even if they did, why would they be your enemy? It's just a different religion. Your regurgitated assumption as such shows true of your own ignorance to the matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Empire View Post
    Because Satanist or devil worshippers are the reason for the problems of the world right? Oh scapegoat theory.

    I'm going with Teddyboy, I'll take my metal, you can take your shitty "religious music".
    ​I always take my metal.

    I am the seer in the dark,
    the vagabond of yore,
    I am the sum of all your parts,
    and proprietor of all.
    A miasma,
    the conclusion,
    blackmonger of Inlé,
    Synapses fray,
    my form now vivid,
    as torpor sets and blood grows tepid.
    With every ounce of flesh now offered,
    I hold your corpse within my coffers.
    Knitted cells now split asunder,
    stand alongside me brother.
    Take your place amongst my Owsla,
    we march at dawn now and forever.

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