What chance give ecumenism ?

- It 's the idea , but why do you think they talk much !

Know that there are historical discussion . I do not think , are free discussion . Of complacency is good to talk , to let yourself fooled to believe that he will prevail. But it is a big mistake ! Do not do anything ! Because of God will come and fall of Catholicism ! Basically , I do not say it's a church. It's a government clerical name .

- What implications does curse bishop of the Christian life ?

- This is serious ! But depends who cursed as he cursed. Then you must give an account of the Synod of the cursed , namely the appeal made ​​by the cursed damned allowed to defend themselves.

- Father Cleopas says that any bitterness that provoke high priest is like a curse.

- It is not a curse . It is to say , less hurried said. The curse is a curse , you are cursed. But if that is bitter cleric , then falls at a different Pravila : subīnsemnări canonical . If that wretch of a priest or a bishop bitter , sure, he is unforgiving if you do not forgive that , unless humbles you apologize .

And about the curse on Pravila says that God hears the words dobitocesti nor the priest. Because it might curse in a hurry , with no spiritual covering . But even in these conditions , the curse can be effective , because we consider the discipline and order of things . But man can defend himself , and God may not effect by man cursed.

- Curse is a solution to make people listen to?

- It is the best way of straightening . You do not have to do so , produce more clutter. A man to be cursed to be very guilty . But education must make every cleric and a part . We have not received the priests to curse . If possible, make every effort not to reach the curse !

God forbid , I have not cursed !

- What is the difference between a curse and anathema ?

- The anathema it falls off , if you went into heresy should not stop anyone curses .

But realizing that we keep too much discussion on the curse , because it looks Synod we not have the power to raise someone else's punishment given by a bishop , only the relevant Council referral .

However , the curse has no value if it is not a hundred percent motivation .

- The practice of yoga is accepted by the Church ?

- Stop and yoga deceived , my dear , the Church considers heresy.

Someone came to me and started talking about yoga and I said, " But who stops you to make prostrations , which is a full body movement . Christians were seen above ground lift with a force against gravity by your mind stays in place. helps your grace of God that they do not matter. they develop muscles ... and in the name of religion which they do this? where are you going to wake all the fibers of the body ?

Me, if I do prostrations , do in the name of religion , I want to get to salvation. That prostrate myself , "God, forgive me! "

And , meanwhile, he began to speak about Buddha, to which I replied that I " Buddhism is a moral religion but not salvation ! " I told him I clear words of the Savior : Who does not gather with me , scatters ! Who will not baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, he shall be saved ! Christ said " I am who I am."

He asked another " lady" , a teacher - I wanted to give him and a few palms , upset me so much ! "Only two things, just two words! " - To tell me . And say : "The Saviour did not appear from childhood to teaching , was in India ." " How to go to India , ma'am, it was God had to learn from the Indians , he who created the Indians ? Was God , lady , what are you asking ? " What should we learn from the Buddhists , when God said, I am who I am?

- Hypnosis has spiritual implications , both of which are made ​​and on those who practice it?

- It's a devilish work , it is a blessed work of the Church ! Poor souls are falling . When I was little I was at boarding school - I was very young - and there came a hypnotist . We, the children, when I saw , I was curious . And we called many persons , he called me and me there at the desk , was a large chair in the drawing room . And those gestures do with us , we seize the soul . And I was honest, and I went over it , jokingly , not wanting to be the person to look colleges were teachers there, hundreds of students , maybe a thousand students. And could not , could not hypnotize me . I drove over there : " Go away! " I do not know why I could not hypnotize me and did not know any of you can at that. Later I realized that I had a present sees the inner once a present from God , as we all have and are souls who does not give this movement devilish spirit .

- There are many mental illnesses among students in social and human sciences . How to explain this , and they have a good social ideal ?

- It may be an ideal, but its underneath , gives and not anyone knows the degree of spiritual advance . It may be absent soul underneath. That evil spirits are not afraid even of all , they exist , but are not afraid even of all . There are people who have inner strength , the devils they are burned their presence .

I'm somewhere , passionate and secret , are not spiritual position . Because passion itself is the greatest danger , but because you are unconscious , that you want more you sweeten it, do not fight like to knock down , to sit in place. When grace helps when you sit in position. When not fighting , and wallow in the passion that when you get home from demons and spirits, wine and all kinds of charms.

But if you're really mastered by sin and you're sorry and you sit in good position against sin , then help your grace . If you sit on the position battle, and feel good in that cesspool , then grace does not help . And charms are attached to certain people , it appears . Look, I'm 50 years in the monastery , and I saw , I saw the convent charms too successful . But instead , comes enchanted world ! Here , in Dobrogea , for 20 years , and tell others , I saw that here as work of evil spirits , charms. Master of magic , binds not to marry , or not to be good for male potency . However, we heal the broken - the prayers - marriages that are hit by these spirits . Come and cry , "Lord, forgive me Save me ! " Deliver a while. But if not quench ... The Saviour said in the Gospel : Come out of him and never enter ! Let's not get into it. Because evil spirits lament and where they go are sad and think "what was good ." If it finds the house swept as Saviour says , that if you take these guys out there is cleared , and then fall , and the fall is then greater than the first. For that and begin to break down , you have not indulged in place of disinfection angels of God , that you're left to chance again .

We must be awake soul , that is active with the provider, the spiritual presence continues to far to have. But not allowed to take food with spoon and take another spoon to your mouth. You have so many possibilities: guardian angel , gifts Baptism gifts of the Holy Spirit, and then there is no justification . Why the hell is endless , because God has made great efforts to awaken us , not to us there , "How many did I not lest you get to hell ! " Because hell , as I say lived great , God is great pain , but he is , with all the pain divine , because He is the law. Do you find the position you did not want at all, have rejected all gave .

- God loves those in hell ?

- We love us, and us sorry, but there after their works, by the terrible deeds . Are ignored because Christian teaching . And what God was doing for them, they ignored . Therefore serious. Not that he did such as color who had it, but because they did not repent . The condition of our repentance , the biggest gain of the devil , or despair .

- I read that hysteria is the result of a childhood lived in tyranny 's . Is it true?

- That , I would be able to generalize . However , it may be possible in isolated cases . For example , there was a boy who was found in the woods , living with wild animals , some monkeys , that he went all four legs. And he was doing no more than it had ape movements : how we eat, how to his mouth ... We can see that the environment had an influence. So if you lived in a large tyranny , the powerful soul shattered and he could not believe that there is something else, and then formed crooked , has created a certain way of being, a certain thread, thanks damaging its education . But we can not generalize that has a high power to everyone.

- Do you think that in recent years revived hesychasm ?

- Honey, do not talk of Hesychasm in society where we are cakes on the table.

Hesychasm is a very high life that is lived in full retreat , where you can live a life of fasting and non-interference with these human struggles , to control yourself and you unto blood to the bone , to be a lightning rod for all the demons that try to deviate from prayer.

- About St. Symeon the New Theologian says that was not understood at the time.

- It was understood , and Catholics is still not understood .

We had only two theologians : St. John the Evangelist and St. Gregory of Nazianzus - theologians - and St. Symeon the New Theologian , who appears in the X century , presented by feeling God through an experience of the heart, so rich advising him that the church is called the New Theologian .

- So it was understandable !

- His time was not understood nor Christ !

- It is said that this work with gracious bread is not understood .

- Never mind, dear , I need bread gracious ! Communion bread is gracious !

I now who to worship , I need another bread. It is a moment of temptation , which is not even clever . Not worth discussing.

Our struggle is to control our ourselves , every day , whether we are worthy of prayer and if we are worthy of God's help , that delay, if we completely clarified heart . This is the fight that we must ! I do not want to talk about other things, because , first of all , I do not eat bread other than Holy Communion .

- Many evangelical who say they are interested in Orthodoxy Orthodox in their beliefs, but they will not come into Orthodoxy.

- Means I'm not convinced !

- A friend went to a Baptist church one day and sat in a row and share . Although I explained that it is good that he did, my friends said it is not bad, because they are part of the Church.

- Not good , not having a wedding garment ? First you have done Orthodox . Let them do the anointing with the Holy Chrism . You have to go through this time.

- Baptist Church is the Holy Spirit?

- Well, this is discussed . Not allowed . Sir, if I live three fingers ? Alive, but you Truncated . Or do you have a cake. No way, the truth must be respected. Therefore and Ecumenical Councils discussed the problems of dogma - have fixed dogmas of faith. They understood that the Savior was a physical being human , not divine . This he said and Arie , and was anathematized .

- What happens to those who know Christ as God, pray to Him, not to honor the Virgin Mary , the saints and the sacraments ?

- It is not heresy to recognize the Theotokos and the sacraments . It's heresy, dropping anathema.

- What about the Baptist Church ?

- Baptist Church is a church sick. How many sacraments are ? And they have are symbolic . What you knew about sharing, about the priesthood ?

- The hope of salvation ?

- No! Salvation is only in the Church , in Christ. And the question even the Catholic Church.

- In the Catholic Church , I understand that there is no epiclesis . In azimuth and in their wine there is Christ?

- If you allow me , if it were possible to ask Christ this, I would say .

Catholics are guilty , because 1054 years we were together . Ecumenical Councils were made and last year was 787. There were seven Ecumenical Councils which established dogmas of the Savior , the Holy Spirit , of the Mother of God , Savior of natures and powers . They set all these things together with them. Why were separated in 1054 ? And they started with their own interpretations . They changed the Creed . There are heretics for us to have seven sacraments , as they have them, their symbolic issues - but they have.

If it had the seven sacraments as heretics. It's only a mistake religion. But very important things separate us dogma.

Regarding the Catholic saints , they were not dogmatic when they lived. If we make a comparison between St. Seraphim of Sarov and St. Francis of Assisi , they were sanctified by prayer, tremendous gaps not blasphemed. They remain valuable . We discuss the dogmatic aspect . For instance they put on the Filioque . They said that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Son . By this is meant lowering the Holy Spirit . That is not a fact. Saviour says : Who proceeds from the Father (John 15 , 26) . So it is clear.

They have innovated more thing : Immaculate Virgin , that say that Mary was born without sin. It is a great mistake ! So what's the difference between birth and sinless Saviour Virgin Birth ? Virgin Mary became sinless when at the Annunciation , she was told : The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee (Luke 1 , 35). At that time she escaped from sin inherited from Adam . But you can not say that he was born without sin ! Immaculate Virgin is a big mistake !

Then another mistake : purgatory . It's a mistake dogma that the Catholic Church invented . They say that between heaven and hell is a place of passage. It is an enormous mistake.

Church - and its 1054 years I lived under the same Church - Liturgy says that only can save souls from hell , not purgatory . Purgatory says at one point that , after serving his sentence , the man is automatically saved. That is an error.

Saviour says : Go in the eternal fire - in hell - only the Church , through the help of God can save him , for saying that we should not lose hope : God of the top, those on earth and those § under the earth will say for the dead , who are not saved , they can mention the church , so we can save .

Some enter directly into heaven , as the Saviour and judgment will not come , those who lead a spiritual life , fear of God , confession , humility . But we know that there are hell. And it's very relative repentance that we do for salvation , can not have assurance of salvation . We Orthodox hope for salvation , we have no certainty .

Another mistake : not anaphora . There are holy Body of the Savior , Artos , make unleavened bread , as it was in the Old Testament , unleavened bread ( unleavened bread ) .

But far more serious mistake primacy Catholics : The Pope is considered the vicar of God on earth . Order it in the name of deity , as a theocratic king .

The apostles said to be Christ with us forever. Saviour tells Peter : "You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" . That does not mean that God built the Church on Peter, but on his belief that he was very faithful - rock his faith.

In our Orthodox Church led not only one of the Apostles , but led council . In year 50 there was a Synod in Jerusalem - Dormition year . And it was Peter council president , was the Apostle James, brother of the Lord .

We accept it the Pope as primus inter pares that first among equals . So accept it , or not !

The concept of the Catholic Church , the Pope in matters of dogma , not considered wrong , is infallible. But we like to accept this? It's a big mistake. And all these mistakes come only after 1054 .

- Why they chose sectarians Saturday ? Why not choose another day : Tuesday, Wednesday ... ?

- Day Adventists. There are seven ages . The first era is from Adam to Noah , who brought the Flood event.

The second era is from Noah to Abraham, who brought circumcision, event. From here begins to be born Hebrew people , although having Dema drifting forward. Jews come from " IViR " before Abraham.

The third era is from Abraham to Moses, who brought the law , because there are no laws , it was held as a tradition.

The fourth era is from Moses Nebuchadnezzar , who brought the event Babylonian captivity .

The fifth era of David and Solomon to Nebuchadnezzar , who made the temple.

The sixth era is from Solomon to Herod , during which Christ was born .

And now the seventh era in which we live , was a Christian , which is salvation. But coming was the eighth day of the eighth that is now seventh . Sunday is the first day and the eighth day , the Jerusalem above .

So on Sunday is not so random , not risen for nothing on Sunday. It was salvation.

- What can you say about apocatastasis ?

- Apokatastasis issued by Origen theory , which says that the angels lost will resume the role of good angels and that hell will have no end .

This Origen , who lived in the third century , the son of the Holy Martyr Leonidas . Origen 's writings 6000 , was impetuous, with no way anyone could take him down . Encouraged , as a child , his father in prison , he sent letters . This scrumptious mind went to an extreme , of course , the extreme right , considering the great mercy of God, how can īngăduieDumnezeu hell forever? But the Savior said , "Go into the eternal fire ? " Ready ! What you used to think that just a joke ? It is a great truth ! Or you doubt that hell is eternal ? Doubt then that he is gracious today and forgives . That today is the God of mercy and justice tomorrow . Well , who's to judge if hell will have no end ? " What I have done to you as you escape the eternal fire ? " - Says the Saviour . " Eventually , I came to the last drop of blood, and there was no need to give : a small sacrifice as if I was doing, saved the human race and save him from death ! "

" What I did I ? I gave laws have given confessors , also born Ileana and Basil, who speak your language , who know your weakness , not an angel you afraid, i - I gave it tremendous power to forgive .

" What I did ! " Why this indifference ?

This Origen also wrote another book Peri Arhon , for which he was sentenced to only 550, the Fifth Ecumenical Council , only then was anathematized . He misinterpreted a verse of Scripture - Give your account of your mind stays in place - where the Saviour says that "some are born eunuchs , others make them eunuchs ," but does not make eunuch in that you scopesti , but restrain yourself . For if you abstain from joining together, you eunuch . That is not put in motion organs. Because you deserve better you if you're not and you're bull ox ? And then they anathematized , because people 's work progressed and he castrated . " And if it did Origen , why not do it too? " He's right , because Origen was accepted by the Church , was published . And then they anathematized . Church , however, only anathematized mistakes writings for 6000 has very, very prodigious .

Look, for example, Origen says about this: " God loves us more than Satan hates us ! " And it is very important to know this. God do more for our salvation, than Satan is our destruction . It's normal if you love us ! How many is not a mother for her child whom he loves, than another who hates it !

It was a prodigious mind at last had its historical moment , I can say his age . He writes Apocatastasis ...

Intellectuals Today

- Me, when I read Paterikon [ Egyptian ] , I saw what was concentrating power in a single sentence in comparison to the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo . That's because they had living saints . And even say Canon 87 of St. Basil the Great, the canonical subīnsemnare : "Every word of the Holy Fathers have canonical power ," even if no data canons that not all parents have given canons everything they said is true.

- How should participate in an intellectual life of the Church which is his ministry ?

- To participate as a neintelectual , participate Christian teaching humility to take part in the Mass from beginning to end, and he confessed to any Christian. We do not care that is intellectual or neintelectual . Not so much interested to know the depths of the Holy Trinity, if I in my heart the Holy Trinity . And it can be a neintelectual and have the Holy Trinity in his heart.

- So it has a different service?

- There is only one way : humility . Very nice it is to learn to know to explain the Christian doctrine , but is required by any means humility and obedience .

I do not say this . It said the guys with great experience who guessed : no crowding of science lies in the value of a man, but - are compelled to say - in humility , because the more it humbles longer solves the most problems. It is difficult to accept that an intellectual experience in prayer. But intellectual is required to present a state because we can not abolish the values ​​and steps . Even a Holy Father said that the root of all evils is ignorance . And he's right , but this is about the science of salvation , not a theoretical science , rationalist - that can even Christ " in hand " to condemn you ! Because there is no hell in the knowledge of Christ.

Intellectual in his position , to be convinced that God gave power to write so there! And link with a word of Christ, which, if met, would be very much a state of mindfulness . He says : "Without Me you can do nothing ! " Ready ! " I am the vine , ye are the branches " . What might make the branches if there beef ? Christ is honest and will help us a lot, because the purpose is to bring forth as a branch . So your goal is and His purpose - and his purpose is and your goal . Unfortunately, this is overlooked. Man says he "does" . In his obstinacy he says : "I did, I repaired the ..." Around the year 490, a synod held at Carthage locally. Among the many points that have been subject to debate in council was this recorded in canon 124 : " Who says that without me ( Christ ) is something - anathema to him ! "

See how much attention the Church gave this quote . Because if you know that God helps you , you are always present ! And if eventually death comes, God will take you to what you will find - you will be happy or judge . So intellectual , where , to be sure that what is done with the grace of God , that God helps him . Not required to make thousands of prostrations . I asked , and his present state of .

Any moment can be a time and every sigh can be a prayer . For God ! There is a religious world that is different from the secular , though largely Christian monk means good . For God has made ​​special prayers for monks. But monasticism can not be caught in any quote in any philosophical comprehension . It's beyond comprehension , because it is a constant struggle with God. Man is created by God with free will , reason and emotions . So if you go to the monastery and your will , you are in battle with the Creator , which left you with free will. And then you have to overcome by any means , and God likes this. How and Jacob wrestled with God and prevailed - in this sense : we need to get lost to find yourself ! You must at all costs to get settled in an angelic personality . Talk about monks , but not stopped any layman to " thin " as much .

Thus, sir intellectually , you must be present to God , to take your mind springing points , "Lord, forgive me! " And it very much. I do not ask a thousand prostrations , but ask why you left Bulgaria, you slept like a ball without even saying "Lord, Lord, take care of me " ? In his own way , each individual is required to maintain a relationship with God , of godliness .

If someone would ask me to say a word that is culture , I would answer : harmony ! If I could ask another, more demanding , to say , in a word , the Bible is , I would answer : harmony ! In other words : you intellectually - be harmonious with the one who created you !

- And what about philosophy ?

- Philosophers , yet so speaking louder, I can say that they have created than some notions , but did not solve any problem.

- They broke down a lot ?

- They broke , try to love them too because they speak very nice , although the surface.

- Are they useful ?

- One is how Kant says : " Two things fill my soul with awe : the starry heavens above me and the moral law of man ! " That says a great philosopher .

So by this means he has overcome a series of things the department , finally , to the world that wants to hear , very nicely said . But a true Christian get out , is among the stars , not only admires . So this is what it means to live in Christ.

- How do you see the Church's involvement in society?

- I'm just saying , as someone said , "Father , you go to church ? " "When the bell tolls ! "

First of all you have to inform people Christian teaching , since the Apostle says : Faith comes from hearing .

But I wonder why he does not know teaching in our century from now ? I heard the bells anyone ? Bells never beat for fun . But stick to some kind soul who cautions us : "Call viii , cry death scatter viforele ! " - Scatter the demons and lightning .

They went through that mystery and now want to live a life without honor ? Be aware of what is preached , to go to church to hear, like believers. Do we have to eat the forbidden fruit because we have freedom? No! We on some commandments that keep us in a certain restraint in order to harmonize . Even intercourse between spouses is a certain order. "More rărut 's cute! "

- Individualism is apparently a disease of society. It expands it , and the believers ?

- Yes, it is indeed a serious flaw in the historical moment in which we live . But I do not want at all to think that they are incurable .

We are careful with what , in fact, we took when we moved on to a highway which is the first step, but well put on direction. Individualism has only to isolate one of the main purposes of the creation of man . Man is not made ​​for himself alone, he is created for all humanity . For the whole human tragedy must be lived as our own misfortune. We bear responsibility for that which is around us .

This is the meaning of Christian Education of creation you need to know . From the time of its isolation , made a semiasociatie with the devil , because only hear their thoughts .

Working primarily in the Christian 's sacrifice , provided that you save , or to light, is to know the sacrifices you .

Apostle Peter and the Transfiguration of the Lord , said, " Lord, well new to us to be here . Let us make three tabernacles ..." Heaven and earth are like twin . But the Saviour answered, " Well , Peter . But what about the sacrifice of Calvary ? " 0 resemblance to the idea of sacrifice is the candle : a wick to light should burn . Provided that the light is that you sacrifice . That is the explanation the candle or lamp . And if you do not know how to sacrifice , stand still.

Individuality is a big loss, it is to be creative and become isolated edge and the edges are the devils, as the Holy Fathers say .

- Father , how to explain the lack of initiative , passivity people in the Church today ?

- You do not bind blemishes to create through this problem and I īntrebare.Pentru when he was to leave the convent , 50 years ago , they wanted to stop me so many guys , even one of the with big names , Minister of religious Affairs at the time, telling me that the monastery are falls and fall of all kinds. But I replied that I 'm going to the convent for Christ. I do not care what is there, but the teaching of Scripture : Who leaves mother, father, brothers, sisters ... and follows me ... And I met with them in decades . And I asked, " What did you see there? " " What did you say you 've found , but I did not find and saints ! "

So , the point of focus is Christian teachings are the saints of God are like new , no flaws