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    [Easter] On this day....

    A God sacrificed himself, unto himself, and that somehow stops the need for blood sacrifices.

    Our only evidence is the members of the cult saying that he rose from the dead and opposed to all the other cult leaders ever, we should trust these guys for reasons never justified.

    The new system is as follows:

    If you believe in Jesus you go to heaven. If you don't, you go to hell.

    So the punishment for not believing in this god who just sacrificed his human-clone to himself is eternal torment.

    Seems like a fair punishment. I mean we already believe that if you don't accept billy the purple dragon that you deserve to be executed on the spot, why not believe that eternal punishment isn't a just punishment for disbelief.

    It really is the lazy man's religion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empire View Post
    So the punishment for not believing in this god who just sacrificed his human-clone to himself is eternal torment.
    Note that Christianity (and the other Abrahamic religions) says "God Is Loving, Compassionate, Merciful, Patient and Forgiving"

    Now what kind of "Merciful and Forgiving" God will send [those who simply doesn't believe in him] to eternal torment?

    It really is a religion that contradicts itself.

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