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    PLAY BY PLAY for Closed Beta


    "It is the END OF THE (Pre-Beta) WORLD!"

    Today, we are upgrading AdventureQuest 3D to CLOSED BETA. At the request by @final_aqw on Twitter, I will be posting the up to the minute, play by play as team does daring open heart surgery on the game servers in preparation. Put on your surgical masks, wash your hands, and refresh this page periodically for the breaking news as it happens. Posts will be made in reverse order so you always see the newest things first.

    QUEST: You are part of the team on this too. When you read this... go down and comment "Reporting for duty!" (Say it in your head with the Counterstrike voice.)


    • 3:15pm What to expect when the servers go down
      • Unlike usual updates, the servers will be down a long while.
      • I will continue updating you as we perform each step of the update.
      • We will post the new patch notes for you to read
      • We will make an announcement Design Notes post for Guardians and Kickstarter backers detailing all of the rewards released with this update and how to get them Short answer: Guardian Alistar is standing just outside the tower and will have most rewards until the Guardian Tower is finished being constructed.

    • 2:00pm Warfiends take control of the Town of Battleon
      • The Mysterious voice from the fountain is gone and the Destroyer has taken center stage. An army of Warfiends as seized the town of Battleon.
      • Artix is doing rounds and checking in on the team to get an ETA.

    • 1:30pm - Why are they so tiny!?
      • The world's smallest and fastest Sneevils are swarming the town of Battleon... "End of the World" tokens are now dropping from monsters at 2% (Only three people have managed to get one thus far.)
      • The 3D content is almost fixed that urgent map bug. It is my experience that certain bugs hide and only jump out to scare you when you are ready to release.

    • 1:05pm - The Ghosts got bodies.... BIG BONE BODIES!
      • Giant undead skeletons are now attacking the town of Battleon.
      • They got bigger... anid how have a 0.5% chance to drop an end of the world token.

    • 1:00pm- GHOSTS!
      • Meanwhile, in the last hours of Pre-BETA it is the end of the world, a wave of Ghosts have appeared in the town of Battleon. Ghosts of our future selves coming back in time to haunt us...
      • Xero made something special for Guardians. As you know, we do not have a system for formal mounts in the game yet. But using the features we do have working, we crafted something special...

    • 12:30pm - BUGS!
      • Giant Spiders have started attacking the town of BattleOn
      • Team is debugging a server to server data refresh sync issue (impacts Closed Beta only)

    • 12:15pm A MYSTERIOUS voice has appeared in-game on the Pre-Beta server.
      • Claims are being made that a player among you is the destroyer who will bring about the end of the world.
      • It is known that whomever this player is... the prophecy says they will post a weird screenshot on Artix's Twitter. (If you might be the Destroyer, post some screenies!)

    • 12:00 "IT IS HIGH NOON!" - It is always high noon, somewhere.
      • Everyone is finishing work on remaining critical systems... we will leave the servers online until all remaining tasks get the big green check mark.
      • TOP TASKS: Waiting on 2 models, Testing the redeem system, Re-statting items, and Platinum Lady discovered a few new major bugs requiring map updates.
      • Maybe I should log on and mess with players during the last hours of Pre-Beta while waiting for the team's status updates >_>

    • 11:30 am @final_aqw requested a play by play...
      • OMG... O_O so much do. Maybe other people will enjoy it. But I have to say everything that happens in a play by play. What if things going terribly, terribly wrong!? People will see us fall on our face. Or maybe.. just maybe... they will see us actually pull it off. Only one way to find out -- it is GO TIME!!!

    • 11:00 am - Oishii came in! She may be a zombie. Waiting for Paladin to do a "Sense Undead" check.
    • 10:00 am - Team reporting for duty!
      • Cysero came in! Still sick and will likely infect us all like a plague dragon.. but glad to have you here!
      • Xero came in! He told me "I was really concerned when I read the design notes yesterday and found out I had a serious infection and might die." *crickets* Then he showed me a Dragon.
      • Artix, Dage, Zhoom, Llusion, Thyton, Warlic, and rest of team in position!

    • 9:00 am COOOOOFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 8:30 am - Oishii has gone eerily silent... may have been KO'd by Sandman at Keyboard
    • 8:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes
    • 7:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes
    • 6:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes
    • 5:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes
    • 4:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes
    • 3:00 am - Oishii is still up making database changes"
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    AQ3D is now in closed beta!


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