Prophet SLAW [PBUH] said:
"The hour will not begin until the land of
the arabs once again becomes meadows and rivers"

Hour meaning = Judgement day.

"Arabian peninsula was meadows and rivers in
the past it will go back to what it was before"

Do research if you like, the arabian peninsula was once meadows and rivers (After the ice age) and now the ice age is coming back.

Before the Ice age occurs "Weather goes mental" - Expert scientist.

There is NO global warming! you have been programmed to think global warming is C02 and its happening NOW! and the world is heating up! IT ISN'T! havn't you learnt anything?

Global warming = Winter goes hot.
Summer = Goes cold.

Am i crazy or does winter go "hot" and "cold"...Weather is changing rapidly not due to C02, there is NO such THING as C02 burning up the world!

There has been 2 ice ages since mankind! both of them 400-300million years apart! and it has been 460-430 million years since the last ICE AGE!

Please Thank me for taking 2 weeks to research on this:

youtube scientific proof below:

(Ignore the arabic language/translation at the bottom [english])