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To the Infidel thing refer to Signature.

To Jews "Stealing Land." Look at a map of Judea buddy, they only got the Kingdom of Israel they could just get the rest of Judea.

Bring Europe out of its Dark Ages. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolingian_Renaissance

Women. How come women can commit adultery and men cant? How come Muslims claim Jesus was gods son in parts of the Quran but then other parts say he isnt. How come they do believe he is and stone people when Jesus himself let a women go and told her to not commit adultery, how come Muhammed joined in on the stoning? Does America stone women? Do American men have more then one wife?

They invented. We put it to good use against you guys. Israel is better then any other Middle East country and makes alot for it size. Israel is more advanced and it will be known that God is for Israel not for anyone else.
What version of the Quran were you reading? all You have said about adultery is all wrong. And why are you comparing America to stoning women? and we are allowed to have more than 1 wife why is that bad? the reason for that is because there are more women than men on earth.

Next time get your info from a correct source please!