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    Quote Originally Posted by vaporak10 View Post
    Interesting website. You do know that report over 17000 terrorist casulties but they don't cite one of them? Yep, reliable.

    Error by TROP
    "Only Muhammad was in danger at Mecca"
    What about Sumayyah bint Khabbab, the seventh convert to Islam, who was tortured first by Abu Jahl?
    What about Bilal ibn Rabah?
    What about the 80+ Muslims who fled to Abyssinia?
    Persecution of Muslims by the Meccans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Muslims Persecuted at Makkah - Administrator - Islam Story

    And lastly, TROP gives no links or citations to these "Muslim scholars" that they cite.

    They are a joke and so are you. Ths debates over. The moment you use fake, biased and made-up information as a reference is the moment where I realize you know nothing about Islam and you just hate it blindly like islamophobic sheeple.

    :/ funny part is that you argue on different topics and act like you've won.

    I mean this is what.....the third topic change you made? Oh cool, it has some wrong info, but sadly that wasn't the topic.

    The points i had made were solely based on this topic and actually prove my point.

    Funny part is that you still miss the timeline of this and the point. Muslims hardly lost "everything" and that would only be after they already agreed to an act of treason against mecca by supporting muhammed. Actually its almost funny because you dismisss this because you try and find something ELSE wrong with the site than you do arguing otherwise. I mean yeah there were muslim persecutions but they were not unwaranted and here in lies another point:

    Revenge. You cannot promote peace and revenge and expect people to believe just the peace.

    I guess thats to be expected though, refusal to discuss a topic you bring up and switch it at the first sign of defeat. *sigh* so predictable these kids are.


    Proved you wrong 4 times and you change the topic.

    I believe we are done here: Empire: 4 You: 0.

    Better leave it as is, i get killamanjaro soon.
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