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    Question A little help here.

    Hey everyone, well I am kinda new to MPGH and don't post much often. Anyways, I just found this section and it was actually pretty cool. I noticed there wasn't much hate here on muslims and religions, etc. So anyways I posted this thread to say this. By the way this is my first time kinda of admiting these things, hope there isn't any hate. I know this is going to be long, but if you could read it all and help me that would be great.

    I am a 14 year muslim, born in the Middle East and lived in U.S since age 9. I actually speak English very well and still speak about let's say 60% to 70% of Arabic. Not going to brag about myself here, but I am an A+ student and going to high school this year. I really enjoy learning about science, chemistry, biology, etc. Anyways I recently learned about the big bang theory (NOT the tv show lol). I started believing in the Big Bang Theory since it's all based on scientific evidence and studies. Since Ramdan came, my parents started bugging me about praying and believing in Allah and stuff. Note: I started praying around the age of 5 and stop at age of 8. I was very religious and read and finished the Quran, but the only reason I did this is because it made my parents proud of me and they got to brag about it to relatives and stuff. I didn't really understand the Quran or why should I pray, but I did since my strict parents told me to. Anyways it has been 6 years of me not praying, and my parents now wanted me to start praying. It has been about 2-3 weeks since I started praying 5 times a day, but I am not enjoying it at all and I am not even understanding what I am saying when I pray, but I just say it. Based on what I learn at school about the big bang theory and all of these evidence, I just don't believe in Islam anymore. I can't believe that God talked to Mohammed and all (Sorry but I don't even know the story of Mohammed) I actually know more about Jesus since 100% of my friends believe in Jesus.

    Sorry for the long story, but I need someone's help here. What do you think? Should I start praying and never stop? Should I believe in Quran and Islam and not real scientific evidence? Are the question I am asking right now really sound that stupid and insane? Please answer these questions, it would help my life decisions. And please state whatever your Muslim or not so I can get your perspective. Again please no hate or troll. Thank you.

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    Well for first off you should understand your religion, and your beliefs in it. Praying is pointless unless you understand the words. Reciting words without belief in them is pointless in any scenario really.

    You can ask an elder in the religion about the questions you have and then research the answer on your own(for double checking).

    Religion is pretty much all about belief. The big bang theory may provide suggestions based on fact, but at the end of the day your belief in such things should be based on what makes you happy in the end.

    In my opinion:

    I'm not a fan of Islam, it has too many rules and practices which if not performed you are shunned from the group. People focus so much on the law, the rituals, and the pathetic pilgrimage that I feel as if its just too much for the little it gives.

    All in all just do what makes you happy, but not to feel superior or go along with your parents. Don't brag about your religious preference, don't think yourself superior if you choose atheism, and don't just choose your religion based on your parents.

    Lots of don'ts, sheesh i should reword that. Oh well.

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