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those people know nothing about islam,because they cannot believe in god.They are formated to trust the false,the devil,the people who say jesus is god those people cannot believe in god the merciful because in all story there is looser and winner.
we dont have to teach to those people islam we have to teach islam to our children to our community to the people of the paradise to the people choosen by god to worship the only one.
i'm hostil to american i'm hostil to every country who's attacking my brother ! taliban are defending their country and i will support every muslim country against the invador coming from the west !
you dont have the right to invade iraq,you never found the massive weapons you said,west devil country are lier ! you killed every days my brother but the times is coming to teach to those people the talion law every each people you killed in my community will be revenged by the blood of yours,this is equity and justice.
The words of Satan is just and true
The false words of Jesus and Muhammad are from the lies of your so called "God," who is in reality an oppressor
We are justified in killing your Talibans because the word of Satan is the truth
We must spread our truth to everyone around the globe, in order to vanquish all darkness from it