guys listen listen listen i kno i was a bleep now im back to my normal self okay guys listen were all humans right....? were all the same right..............? we all deservred to be treated equally ......right? musliums to? were no different from jews,christains and others! wats wrong wit us nothing! the only mistake ppl are making is not forgiving poeple people wnt get it outta their minds they think musliums are bleeps u keep presuring us more and more and more and more evantally we did sumthing 9/11..... only cuz we were presured guys look u gotta forgive em jus like chinese forgived japense for world war II ....understand? right now since people wanna persure use even more their having a war in iraq as we speak! why do u ask......? because they think their evil....! guys...listen expect change

we just need peace hope you learn guys :3