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Jews are the reason of why this world is so fucked up, trust me on that one...
I just hope you witness and so myself the death of all Zionists, I said Zionists and not Jews... and then see hows the things going to change.
Back in the days, when Islam was huge we just ruled the Middle-East including Persia Libya,Algeria, and Morocco... we never had in mind to attack or "conquer" the west because its way far and too big.
Now since Israel occupying a sensitive spot everything is disconnected, by the help of the west ofcourse Israel stays, for now.
and Arab leaders most of em are in their position because of Israel or the west which at last their purpose is to protect Israel, like the current Syria leader that freak who protected Israel borders for 40 years -.-

Isn't it clear enough? Why we are the only one who can see it? Jews doesn't care about the west so why the hell do you care about them?
BECAUSE they rule the world, they control the market with a touch of a button, but like i said that shall end soon.

I trust you 100% random conspiracy guy on the internet.

Yes, all those stupid muslims are being controlled by the much superior Zionist. Not even all the jews, just the small group of Zionist are controlling all the muslims because they are so vastly superior to the inferior muslims.