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no that's what the media is saying ! what a joke ! with Saddam Hussein Iraq was the strongest and a powerful country in the region,with mu'ammar al khadafi the country was the most richest in africa and if saddam hussein invade the Koweit it's because this is an english creation of koweit and an american base i'm not agaisnt killing fake muslim they are traitor of the gulf how the fuck they allow the eternal ennemy of muslim put american base in the middle east ?

they put down iraq for trying to destroy the islamic republic of IRAN the persian empire because they are against the zionism,the satanic zionism you are supporting.... i hope the day the arabic king like abdallah of jordania,al thani of qatar and the saoud will die because they are for the zionism and they are muslim traitor and this is those fake muslim who saddam hussein killed because he know what should happen to iraq if he leave them living they are mossad israeli agent trying to destabilize the middle east.

now the united states and israel want to attack Iran because of nuclear bomb,IRAN have no lesson to receive from AMERICA a 250 years old country ! Iran is more than 10.000 years country if they want the nuclear bomb they have the right because the satanic american,israel and european and fake muslim traitor want to eraise from the world each muslim so iran getting nuclear bomb to defend herselves against evil but we muslim dont need nuclear bomb allah is the best defendor let those satanic people corrupting the world and killing innocent muslim but will come a day that you re gonna pay for all that crimes this day is coming soon because jesus is coming and imam al mahdi is coming to etablish justice and gods rule.
You know nothing about the history of said event and are blinded by what is that, racism?

I'm never really surprised at how stupid you can get, just surprised you want to show it off so much.