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    Quote Originally Posted by Lehsyrus View Post

    You said "history is bias", then when Empire called you out you showed an example of how multiple SOURCES of history are needed for an accurate picture, which is still history as a whole. History is NOT made up of just one source. That is already a known fact, hence why when you called history AS A WHOLE bias, you were called out. Understand now?
    Well the fact is not everyone knows that History is a bias thing.
    Let alone I doubt over most of the population even know what bias means.
    So then again I was still being specific when I mention what I had said, Empire told me to type out my response on it so I did. Even if he did call me out or not.
    Since it was detailed means it can be specific since there was no need for it to be specific.
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    Ok D3D, this problem is probably due to your poor understanding of English. History is not biased. A single source may be, but history as a whole is not.
    -Also its irrelevant unless linked to the topic! I can't stress this enough.

    Secondly, I have repeat myself again.

    This isn't about muslims having slaves back in the day, this is about Islam itself. What Muhammed did and what God said was ok, has nothing to do with societal influences of the time.(at least in this context).

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