So I'm an atheist. My stance on Islam is the same as every religion: I don't believe.

Please provide me an argument for the of the following:

>Your god (allah)
A) His properties
B) His actions
C) His existence

To save some time, I'm going to put out precautionary arguments.
1. I do not accept your holy book.
A)Text is not automatically true just because you claim it to be so.
B)Text is not true because it says in the text that it is true.(circular argument).
C) I do not accept the reasons for your holy book to be true, and if I did it would be contradictory to every other holy book.

Exception & Explanations: If you can prove the supernatural events, then I will accept them.
Warning I will make an entirely different thread on the quran argument.

2. I will not rely on faith for claims of existence.
A) The definition of faith: strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
B) Faith is not a sufficient reason to believe in any claim of existence.
Warning: Please do not use the "absolute truth" or "semantic" arguments. They will be ignored and I will quote this sentence to show you that.
Explanation: Absolute truth is a pointless argument because I'm using the general definition of the word and would rather not get bogged down into the "what is truth" stall tactic. If you have objective proof then I do not require faith, it's that simple. If you want to debate the argument on faith's definition, email a dictionary publisher please.

Alrighty that should make the argument a little safer from complete red-herrings and distractions. Lets begin!