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    MPGH News - 79th Edition

    79th Edition - November 1st, 2015
    It's spooky my friends. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!
    On behalf of the News Force we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and remind everyone that yes, Thanksgiving comes before Christmas for those of you who think it's all about you. Time to put up the fall decorations, take down the webs and shelf the year-to-year costumes because we can feel this Thanksgiving. MPGH's festivity this year was displayed by a pumpkin emoticon placed near the MPGH header. Spooky.

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the MPGH community without any restrictions via Skype, you can apply to join the MPGH-1 Skype Chat here.
    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL) and/or the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group here and/or of the Official MPGH Realm of the Mad God Skype Group here.
    - If you are a regular and are interested in becoming a Steam Games Minion or Other Semi-Popular First Shooters Minion, apply here for Steam and here for OSPFS. Applications close on Sunday!


    Thank you for the kind donations! Enjoy the benefits! If you are interested in obtaining a
    premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Donator has!



    Staff Changes:


    • @FanticSteal is now minion of Dragon Nest Hacks & Cheats and Vindictus Hacks & Cheats


    • @Josh is no longer a Middleman

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    (Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, CrossFire Hacks & Cheats, League of Legends Hacks & Cheats, Steam Games Hacks & Cheats)
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    Hot threads

    Batman: Arkham Knight Back On PC with FREE Batman:Arkham Series

    Batman: Arkham Knight was initially released on June 23, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS. It was a huge failure for PC, due to tons of aggravating glitches and the Frame-rate locked on 30 FPS. The game was soon taken off Steam and will not be back up until the game is fixed. Well, here's the fix! If you buy right now, or before Nov. 16, you will receive the following Batman:Arkham games:
    1. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
    2. Batman: Arkham City GOTY
    3. Batman: Arkham Origins
    4. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

    Black Ops 3 Comes out NEXT week + Nice looking Black Ops 3 Style PS4
    There is indeed a whole lot of hype about the new Call of Duty game coming out. This game is said to bring back Call of Duty and be the best one yet! I know a lot of you MPGHers are looking forward to this! If you guys want a leveling advantage, go to your nearest gas station and buy some Doritos and Mtn. Dew for double XP! There's also a great deal going on at Gamestop. If you bring in your current last generation console, X360 or PS3, to sell to get the either next generation console, you will receive $100 off the either next generation console.

    Youtube Red

    As you've probably seen in General, Youtube Red has been released. Youtube Red is a subscription service that costs $9.99 per month. In my opinion $9.99 is not worth it. Youtube Red includes:
    • Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions (You can just use Adblock)
    • Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline (You can already use online sites that convert to .mp4)
    • Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off (You can already have music playing when screen is off.)
    • Google Play Music subscription: Included at no additional cost

    Tor launches anti-censorship Messenger service
    Since there are a few darker members on MPGH, I think a few of you should be aware of this. Tor is currently a free anonymous browser that can access .onion sites. The onion is Tor's logo which symbolizes layers of protection. The creators of Tor are currently working on a Tor Anti-Censorship messaging service tool which is in beta. Tor Messenger allows users to chat over the Tor (The Onion Router) network in a way which hides the location of participants ( Tor Messenger can access social media sites that are currently blocked in users countries.


    Horrendous – ‘Anareta’

    Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal
    Released: October 27th

    From the first glance at the cover of Horrendous’ new album ‘Anareta’, it’s quite clear what listeners are in for, heavy and oppressing music; though leaving it at that is a disservice to what the American Death Metal act has accomplished here.

    Opening up with angular guitar leads over melancholy rhythm lines, the album weaves a calm before the storm, a lull before the break. Instantly exploding with old school riffs, and the ghoulish wretch of guitarist and vocalist Damian Herring, ‘The Nihilist’ breaks the album wide open with frenzied ferocity. Immediately familiar to fans of OSDM, Damian’s vocal work reminds heavily of seminal band Death’s Chuck Schuldiner, a mid-pitched rasp, chock full of feeling, simultaneously angry and mournful. Vocal work as well as guitar duties, are split off between fellow member Matt Knox, who possesses a more aggressive vocal attack, similar to early Swedish DM. Rounding out the lineup is drummer Jamie Knox, whose prowess on the kit is quite evident throughout the album, with imaginative fills, unrelenting blasts, and overall fantastic consistency driving the album’s train. Overall musicianship is high; showcased by creative songwriting, brilliant and flawless fades from one idea to another, and dizzying solos, always melodic, but always gritty and unrefined in the best way possible. Chords and riffs effortlessly transition from triumphant melodies, into dark and chaotic hammers, savagely beating away at the listener’s ears with a ferocious duality of emotion. The common problem with banality in extreme music is not at all evident here, and not a single second of the album comes off as boring or unneeded.

    For fans of: Dismember, Death, Entombed, Morbus Chron
    8/10 (Excellent)

    As most of you know, the Hotline Bling video dropped 5 days ago. It was highly anticipated because Drake made numerous announcements that it was coming and frankly made a big deal about it. To everyone's surprise, the Hotline Bling video was rather shitty. It features Drake and the random hookers he could find on the way to the studio dancing in different pastel colored rooms. It was initially released strictly for Apple Music, but I believe it has been released elsewhere now as well. The music video being SO bad it drove fans and/or proclaimed critics to edit the video.

    This is only one of the many that have been released since the video.

    I mentioned last week that Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) released a new album called "General Admission". Unlike any of his other albums this album has peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200, replacing Fetty Wap's "Fetty Wap" placing it in the 5th position.
    I know we all assumed and hoped that the Kidz Bop series of albums would just fall off of the grid, but this week the new Kidz Bop 30 hit number 12 on the Billboard Top 200.
    Travi$ Scott released an album a month ago, and 2 days ago he released a music video for one of the songs from this album. The song "Piss On Your Grave" now has a very eerie video attached to it. This video features Scott and Kanye West traveling through the woods just talking about pissing on graves. This song isn't my style, but I figured it would be noteworthy for the amount of fame Travi$ has gotten for his album.

    Debi Nubatonis is a girl who has given birth to a lizard

    According to local media accounts, the midwife who helped Debi, was expecting a beautiful baby, but fate played a surprise.

    While the fact is unusual, although it was not validated by local doctors, but the inhabitants of the city of Oenunto where Debi lives, accuse the "mother of the lizard" of being a witch and say that this was the result of one of his spells.

    While neighbors Debi, are fanatical with what happened and attribute it to an act of sorcery, Dr. Messe Ataupa, local doctor said: "Clearly it is foolish to believe that the woman has given birth to a lizard . There has never been a proven case of a species to give birth another species, that just does not happen. "

    As the investigation continues, Debi is attacked and secreted by their neighbor who is accused of "witch" and do not want to approach it. Nothing Debi family, was enlarged and cares for his lizard like one of the family.


    [MPGH]Hunter: Hi Hugo, how have you been?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: I have been really busy. This is because of school, work and MPGH. How about yourself?

    [MPGH]Hunter: I have been alright, thank you for asking. The midterms have already started for you, haven't they?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: My midterms already finished and they are about to start again in two weeks.

    [MPGH]Hunter: I see. How did they go?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: Pretty good, I guess.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's great. Reminds us all again, what do you to want to become in the future?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: In the past I have thought about being a neurosurgeon. However, after looking at the potential long road ahead, I have decided to change my mind. I am currently working towards into the Administrative team for hospitals. In other words, the boss. 8)

    [MPGH]Hunter: I see. Well, honestly, it fits your personality. Speaking on the word personality, tell us, how has MPGH affected your personality/way of acting, if it has affected the same in any way at all?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: MPGH is a building block for you to prepare yourself in the real world. In other words, it prepares yourself to deal with certain types of people, situations, and how to solve them critically. As a staff member, I have learned that teamwork is the most important, and that there can always be improvement made in the system.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Indeed. We can almost say that MPGH is some sort of preparation to real life.

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: It's a place for you to gain experience and knowledge of certain things you have not done before.

    [MPGH]Hunter: It's been that perspective of yours that has made some people see you as a role model for them. What do you have to say about this?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: I am not sure how I would answer that, but I would say that everyone is their own role model. In regards to people thinking me as a role model, I am actually flattered. As long as you are who you are and what you do is for the better of society, then you are on the right path.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Alright. Now, leaving general matters aside. How did you first encounter MPGH and why did you join it?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: When I first joined MPGH, my objective was to sell a Crossfire Account, and to enter the Marketplace. Unfortunately I was scammed in the process of selling it, so that changed my perspective, and made me more precautious of certain situations.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Well, being scammed isn't really nice, but busting scammers must have compensated that unfortunate action. How did you feel when you first became an Official Middleman, knowing that you'd be able to prevent new users from being scammed as you did?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: I was flattered that I was chosen a couple years ago. I was learning a lot and gained lots of experience from my mentors. Being an Official Middleman enabled me to help prevent other users from being scammed like I did. Furthermore, it allowed me to assist users with help they needed.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Who do you consider as your mentors? And yes, being an Official Middleman is a very gratitude/free will based and fundamental job.

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: My mentor at that time was Ravallo. He inspired me as to what I am today and is the reason why I changed my user title to "Ravallo is a Legend", because he deserves the recognition.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's true. You did indeed sort of follow his footsteps. How do you feel regarding your most recent promotion? Also, what is/are your favorite section(s) and why?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: It is my honour to work with such wonderful people in the Middleman Team. Furthermore, I was flattered to be chosen as the Head OMM which allowed me to promote teamwork and improve the system. My favourite sections are Crossfire, Maplestory, and Minecraft.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Gaming sections, I see. Do you currently play any games and if so, which ones?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: I rarely play games because I do not have the time to do so. However, I currently play Crossfire NA.

    [MPGH]Hunter: It makes sense as you are currently a Crossfire Moderator as well. Alright, leaving MPGH related matters aside for now, do you practice any sports and/or have any hobbies?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: Occasionally I do not play any sports anymore. I fractured my finger awhile back playing basketball and I don't want to risk it being fractured again. In terms of hobbies, I am music person. I used to play several instruments.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Can you name us some of the instruments you used to play?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: I used to play the violin, drums, clarinet, guitar, and I currently play the viola.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Guitar? Nice! Well, time's running out. Before we end this interview, I'd like you to answer to this question; if you could change anything on MPGH, what would it be?

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: MPGH is already fine as it is right now.

    [MPGH]Hunter: It's been a pleasure to interview you, Hugo. Have a nice day!

    [MPGH]Hugo Boss: You too!

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    no way... someone put the lizard in her vagina...

    btw nice news

    Thanks to ZacZero

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    Nice News.
    but lizard out the vagina...?

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    RIP @Josh Was good knowing ya.

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    Great news guys.
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    When schuba speaks, people listen


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    Ayyyy im in the news

    R.I.P. Josh
    And Congrats to FanticSteal !
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    look mom, im in the news.

    congrats @FanticSteal
    Schuba is my main nigga.

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    @Hugo Boss @Hugo Boss2 omgomg, loved your interview. Please be my mentor.

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