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    MPGH News - 88th Edition

    88th Edition - January 5, 2016
    Better late than never :)

    Pharaoh of the YEAR Nominations & Runescape!
    There are pharaoh nominations every month, but now there are nominations for pharaoh of the YEAR! This means that the chosen user will receive the pharaoh for all of 2016! Go vote for the pharaoh of the year here!
    MPGH now has an official Runescape server! If you wish to play with other MPGH users on Runescape check this out!

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the MPGH community without any restrictions via Skype, you can apply to join the MPGH-1 Skype Chat here.
    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL) and/or the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group here and/or of the Official MPGH Realm of the Mad God Skype Group here.
    - If you are active in the Social Engineering section and would like to become a Minion for it, then feel free to drop by and apply here.
    - If you are active in the Market Place and would like to become an Official Middleman, then feel free to drop by and apply here.

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    If you are interested in obtaining a premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Premium Member has!

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    If would you like to donate for the Publicists Team, then please check this thread.

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    • @Yamiez is now an A.V.A. Minion! Congratulations!

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    (Battlefield Hacks & Cheats)
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    Game Hacking

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    Hot Threads:

    Fire Scene in Dubai On New Years
    It took about four separate teams of firefighters and more than twenty hours to put out a majority of the fire that broke out at a five star Dubai hotel known as Address Downtown Hotel. The cause of the fire is still unknown while there are many different speculations being reported. Thankfully there were no fatalities, with reports of minor injuries only. The blaze started off on the 20th floor and burnt all the way up to the 48th floor. Citizens were skeptical if the fireworks show was to continue, just across water front at Dubai's gem, the tallest artificial structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The authorities go on to say that the firework display is a well known event, and a cheerful view, that should bring in the new year, and what would and should be on peoples minds and hearts, not that of the hotel fire. So the fireworks went ahead despite the nearby blaze.

    Mexican mayor slain one day after taking office

    A Mexican Mayer by the name of Gisela Mota Ocampo was "slain by armed men inside her home on Saturday" after a day of being in office. She was "sworn" into office to lead Temixco, a city of nearly "100,000 people 60 miles south of Mexico City." The attackers entered her house "Saturday morning while her family was present and killed her in the doorway, said Alberto Capella." Police soon pursued and shots were fired as 2 armed men went down. "Two adults and a juvenile were arrested and will be prosecuted, said Javier Perez Duron, Morelos attorney general." What do you think of this case? How would you react if this same situation happened to you?

    Activision payout $46 Million for MLG Assets
    Major League Gaming was reportedly sold to Activision Blizzard for an approximate amount of $46 million. As part of the agreement, MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni will be leaving the company, and taking his spot is previous CFO of MLG, Greg Chrisholm. There is still a lot of rumors floating around about what the next step will be, as it leaves many pro gamers and their decisions up and the air, as many fans wait on patiently. Part of the assets being sold is the League of Legends 65,000 capacity stadium. MLG is greatly responsible for being part of the reason eSports became what it is today, seeing ESPN cover more eSports events that ever before. We have seen Call of Duty gamers compete at the X-Games as well. This is potentially the end of a great era for the gaming company.

    Valve apologizes after Steam's malfunction during Christmas

    After five days of silence Valve finally responded to the alleged leak of private user information during Christmas. Users were able to see private information such as email addresses, billing information and purchase history from other users due to a caching error. The caching error was caused by a DoS attack which increased the incoming traffic by 2000%. When a caching configuration was deployed to minimize the impact on Steam's servers, some information was being cached incorrectly which allowed people to load into someone else's account. According to Steam passwords and full credit card numbers have not been exposed. Nobody was able to complete a transaction as a different user. Valve stated that they will try to prevent similar issues in the future.

    Synthetic Radioactive element 113 will be named by Japanese researchers
    Growing up, do you remember seeing the periodic element Uut and having no clue what it was?
    Element 113 on the periodic table, temporarily named Ununtrium(Uut), will finally be getting its official name. A team of Japanese scientists have recently met the criteria needed to name the new element after beating out teams of U.S. and Russian scientists also competing for naming rights.
    The criteria for naming a new element is proof of its discovery and existence. The problem with Element 113 is that it only lasts for a thousandths of a second, making it very difficult to prove its existence and discovery.
    The proposed name by the Japanese team was Japonium, however, no official proposition has been made yet.

    New glow-in-the-dark species of shark discovered
    Scared of swimming in the ocean because of sharks?
    Well unluckily for you, a new shark called the "Ninja Lanternshark" has been discovered, however, luckily, it only lives in the Twilight and Midnight Zones of the ocean (approx. 800-1400 meters).
    The ninja lanternshark is black in color and contains photophores, tiny dots that emit light. In the Ninja Lanternshark's case, a blue glow is emitted. This blue glow hides potential shadows or silhouettes cast by any light in the depths of the ocean, truly earning its name Ninja Lanternshark.
    Scientifically named Etmopterus Benchley in memory of Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws, this new shark found off the coast of Central America is causing international intrigue amongst the scientific community. Unlike all other lanternsharks existing in most of the world's warm waters, the Ninja Lanternshark was found in a completely opposite location, causing scientist to speculate reason as to why this particular shark was found in this region

    Scientists unboil an egg, and it may be a big deal

    Lmao, just think about that for a second. Scientists have figured out, how to unboil an egg.

    It may sound retarded, but it is supposedly an achievement that could "dramatically" cut costs for cancer treatments, food production and other research in the $160 billion global biotechnology industry, according to a press release that was posted online Friday.

    It also means "unboil" is now a word.

    As anyone who has ever cooked an egg knows, egg "whites" are clear until they are cooked. Egg whites are high in protein, and when they cook, the proteins start to unfold, and then fold back up in a tighter, more tangled structure. This is why they go from being clear and mucus-like to white and rubbery.

    Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, and Flinders University in Australia have figured out a process that can pull apart the tangled proteins, allowing them to refold and return to their original structure.The team used an egg to demonstrate the process, but scientists use all kinds of proteins in laboratory research that tangle and fold in similar ways during experiments—and they spend a great deal of time trying to untangle them into usable proteins. (Other methods for untangling proteins are already available, but they take days to work. The new method takes minutes, speeding the process up by a factor of thousands, according to the report.)

    GTA: V Section Hack

    Our featured Hack of the Week was created by MPGH Member @Jordan787 . This hack features: Crash protection against clone crash attempts, Player aimbot/triggerbot with selectable targets, RP Increaser, Tunables - Xmas snow, high/low/custom bounty, no idle kick, valentines/xmas/halloween content unlocks, A variety of vehicle mods including acceleration/braking force and engine power/torque adjustment, Ability to spawn vehicles for the entire lobby, Ability to teleport individual/all nearby players vehicles to a waypoint, Hotkeys for quick access to a number of functions, Full controller support, And much more. With over 5000 downloads in less than a week be sure to try this one out!

    Happy New Years to all of you, but with a new year comes new albums! Here are 6 albums to get hyped, and excited for in 2016.

    1. The xx - Untitled
    Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug, Popcaan
    The xx has been working and working hard in the studio on their album with a famous producer Rodaidh McDonald. He has worked with Adele, Savages and Vampire Weekend. Let's hope it's as great as the band member Jamie xx's 2015 release In Colour.

    2. Pan!c At The Disco - Death Of A Bachelor
    Panic! At The Disco: Death Of A Bachelor
    This album comes out in January 15, 2016. I personally, am a fan of this band, and have been since Live in Chicago.

    3. Gorillaz - Untitled
    Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing
    Damon Albarn and company are finally back, working on a new Gorillaz album slated for release in 2016. The album is untitled, and there in no release date at this time.

    4. David Bowie - Blackstar
    David Bowie - Lazarus
    David Bowie is back in the studio with his 25th studio album, Blackstar. The ablum is set to release in January 6, 2016. He said he is taking a deep dive into jazz. A rocker exploring jazz might not sound like a hot album/record but it's Bowie, haha!

    5. The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
    The 1975 - UGH!
    "UGH!" is their new single off the album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. The album is set to release in February 26, 2016.

    6. Kayne West - Swish
    Kanye West - Only One ft. Paul McCartney
    Kayne West - Facts
    That's right! Kanye West is dropping a new album that will shake the world! 'Ye release Only One Ft. Paul, and in the video North West (daughter).
    'Ye also released a song called "Facts" Thursday night (December 31, 2016). There is no released date as of now.

    Travi$ Scott has released multiple new songs this past week but two stick out for me. The singles “Wonderful ft. Weeknd” and “A-Team” were dropped on Scott’s soundcloud and in an interview Scott said, “My end of year choices was spent on the kids. Sincerely, Travis”. If his message for these songs were to focus on the kids then I think that every artist should focus on the kids. These new songs incorporate the usual Travi$ Scott sound, but much more as well. A-Team is started off with a pronounced trumpet riff, which continues to play throughout the entire song. After a few moments the riff is joined by a beat. A-Team was a popular TV show about a group of highly trained military professionals. The key thing about this group is that they’re known to be the best team there ever was. Travi$ makes the comparison of his team to the A-Team. After he dropped the album “Rodeo”, Travi$ got much more popularity than he had previously. There has been talk about Kanye’s new album SWISH coming out soon but not much info has been released. Travi$ has heard the album as a whole and has said that “Kanye is on his producing shit. He’s on his next level God shit. This is the Kanye everyone has been wanting”.

    There’s a new artist on the block of the Chicago style rap scene. 1636 Logan has been making music for only a couple of years now and it seems he’s just getting his come up. Logan performs shows exclusively in Chicago, which is the city he is from and where he bases his music style. So far Logan has only released his music on SoundCloud. His best songs so far being “NightCralwer”, “Chicago Typewriter” and “The Watchers”.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Hi, pean153. How have you been?

    pean153: Very good, thanks.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's good to know. How was your Christmas? Did Santa bring you many presents?

    pean153: I enjoyed Christmas, just enjoying the free time with family. I got all I wanted.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Want to share with us what you got?

    pean153: Some money for notebook, alcohol, clothes and stuff.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Notebook? That's quite nice. Moving on to a more MPGH related matter now, how did stumble upon MPGH and what made you join it?

    pean153: Well, I used to play NFSW and since I like to cheat I eventually looked up some stuff to download and it brought me to MPGH.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's pretty nice. I'm guessing you coded a few hacks for NFSW just like you currently code for CS:GO?

    pean153: No, not at all. I was pretty bad at programming at that time and I was doing mostly web related stuff.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Oh, I see. What made you learn C++ and start coding hacks for CS:GO then?

    pean153: Well, I learned C++ so that I can write CS:GO hacks because the game started getting boring so first I did the AHK recoil stuff and eventually took a look at some polyhack sources and started doing my own thing.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Oh, I see. Well, your continuous contributions got you to receive the Contributor tag/title. How do you feel about that? It must have been nice to be acknowledged for your hard work.

    pean153: Yes, I am grateful for that, made me happy for sure. I am glad I can release on MPGH to help the community.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Yes, I'm pretty sure the community is grateful for your contributions as well. What are your favorite MPGH sections and why? I'm assuming one of them might be CS:GO?

    pean153: Actually, since NFSW servers got shut down, I only visit CS:GO section.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Do you play CS:GO or do you just use it to test the hacks you make for it? Also, which other games do you play if you play any others?

    pean153: I used to play a lot of CS:GO, have like over 1600 hours though, I don't play it that much anymore. I also play Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege.

    [MPGH]Hunter: God, that is indeed a lot of gameplay. Just recently, our Staff Administrator, Liz added a Rainbow Six Siege section. Do you plan to release any hacks for it anytime soon?

    pean153: No, sadly I am very limited on time this school year so I might lurk there but I don't think I will find enough time to get into that.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Well, that's fine, I guess. How are you doing in terms of school grades?

    pean153: Well, I am happy with my grades because I barely study and still get above the average grades.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's nice to know. Do you practice any sports at school?

    pean153: No, just casual PE, I used to play high level soccer when I was young.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Some people often see sports as hobbies. How about you, pean? Do you have any hobbies?

    pean153: My hobby is programming. I like skying and snowboarding in the winter as well.

    [MPGH]Hunter: That's quite nice actually. I wish I could practice some snowboarding on Winter too. Alright, time's running up. Would you like to give any 'shoutouts' or anything of that sort to anyone in special?

    pean153: Sure, I'd like to give a shoutout and a thank to all the mods and users in the CS:GO section.

    [MPGH]Hunter: Thank you for your time and happy holidays!

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    Better late then never indeed. Great job News Force!

    Always be aware of impostors, ask for Skype verification by having the person send you a message on MPGH.
    Please do not waste my time & your time with useless messages. These will be ignored and actions will be taken.

    Make sure to read the MPGH Rules & each Section STICKY for extra information and rules that apply for that
    specific section.
    *Please confirm my Identity on Skype before any transaction* If you have any questions, please feel
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    Awesome job for this News Force

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    Awesome news! Loving the team I have

    NewsForce December 2015 - April 2016
    Premium Member April 2013 - Current
    MPGH Member March 2013 - Current

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    Good job guys!

    That music section tho
    Schuba is my main nigga.

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    Valve apologizes? Well I'am still mad with them

    Just kidding! Awesome news and congratz on all the new minions!
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    Woohoo first news post with me on the staff team!

    Love you news force!


    Quote Originally Posted by Liz View Post
    This is my first vouch, ever. Rapidgator account worked perfectly. Would buy in the future.

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    Nice work News Force!

    My only Skype: whaisom3d

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    great work, enjoyed reading thanks
    1. Click the under my post
    2. Click the located under my avatar pic

    3. ???
    4. PROFIT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smoke View Post
    Woohoo first news post with me on the staff team!

    Love you news force!
    Took them long enough.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hova View Post
    When schuba speaks, people listen


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