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    MPGH News - 92nd Edition

    92nd Edition - February 1st, 2016
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    Shit MPGH Says
    There's now a thread in General where you can share the weirdest conversations you've had with fellow MPGH users. So far it's consisted of horny users & pure craziness. If you've had a weird conversation with a MPGH user, feel free to share it here.

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    Hot Threads:

    'World's best chef' Benoit Violier dies aged 44
    "Chef Benoit Violier, whose Swiss restaurant was named the best in the world in December, has been found dead at his home." reporters said. Chef Benoit had the best restaurant in the world, but sadly his life ended abruptly. "Swiss police said Mr Violier, who was born in France, is believed to have killed himself." officers involved in the case have clamied. "His death comes some six months after that of Philippe Rochat, his mentor and predecessor at the Restaurant de l'Hotel de Ville. Having worked at the restaurant since 1996, Mr Violier took it over along with his wife Brigitte in 2012, before obtaining Swiss nationality. A keen hunter, he was known for signature dishes including game and produced a weighty book on game meat last year."

    Drunken driver to pay officer's family $10.1M
    "An Ocean County jury has rendered a $10.1 million verdict against a drunken driver who killed Ocean Gate Police Officer Jason Marles in a fiery crash on Thanksgiving Day 2010." According to the jury "on Friday held Erick P. Uzcategui, 36, of Manchester solely responsible for the death of Marles, 32, of Point Pleasant Beach, a nine-year veteran of the Ocean Gate police force. It awarded the $10.1 million to Marles’ estate." and so the $10.1 million dollars got awarded to Marles family today, from a case that has been held for 6 years. "The money will be held in trust for Marles’ two children, who were ages 4 and 5 when their father was killed, Kelly said. The children are now 9 and 11."

    BattleOn Games Hacks, Cheats & Trainers

    This week we are featuring the BattleOn Games Hacks, Cheats and Trainers section, which is moderated by [MPGH]NormenJaydenFBI and [MPGH]Black. It contains as its subsections the most exciting and innovating BattleOn Games that have been released until now as well as plenty of hacks, cheats and trainers for them! Plenty of people play Adventure Quests Worlds, so why do you not give it a try? You will see that you will not regret it, especially since you can use the currently functional Adventure Quests Worlds hacks/bots for it, which can be found here! Last, but not least, make sure to check the section's Marketplace, which seems to be pretty active right now!

    Valve bans custom skins on community servers

    Valve has announced that they are banning custom or modded skins in community servers. Last year Valve warned community server hosts to not allow mods that provide players access to equipping custom weapon skins. And now the day has finally come, multiple players and server hosts reported that they are banned from creating/hosting a server. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive uses a special system for hosting community servers. The server host is granted a 'Game Server Login Token' when creating a server, but now every operator that allowed modded skins has been permanently banned from hosting a community server in the future. Valve stated that the mods misrepresent a player's skillgroup or rank; "These mods inaccurately report the contents of a player’s inventory and/or matchmaking status, devaluing both and potentially creating a confusing experience for players."

    Google’s AI Masters the Game of Go a Decade Earlier Than Expected

    Google achieves one of the long-standing “grand challenges” of AI by building a computer that can beat expert players at the board game "Go".

    Google has taken a brilliant and unexpected step toward building an AI with more humanlike intuition, developing a computer capable of beating even expert human players at the fiendishly complicated board game Go.

    The objective of Go, a game invented in China more than 2,500 years ago, is fairly simple: players must alternately place black and white “stones” on a grid of 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines with the aim of surrounding the opponent’s pieces, and avoiding having one’s own pieces surrounded. Mastering Go, however, requires endless practice, as well as a finely tuned knack of recognizing subtle patterns in the arrangement of the pieces spread across the board.

    Google’s team has shown that the skills needed to master Go are not so uniquely human after all. Their computer program, called AlphaGo, beat the European Go champion, Fan Hui, five games to zero. And this March it will take on one of the world’s best players, Lee Sedol, in a tournament to be held in Seoul, South Korea.

    A Huge Gas Cloud Is Speeding Towards The Milky Way At 310KM Per Second
    Discovered in 1960, the Smith cloud is a huge cloud of gas that is on a collision course with the Milky Way. Having originated in the milky way and then expelled, the cloud is coming back at an astonishing 301 kilometers per second and is estimated to reach the milky way in 30million years. Now this number may be small, but when you consider the sheer size of the universe and milky way this is only but a short distance and time. Originally, the Smith cloud was thought of to only contain hydrogen and helium, causing scientists to hypothesize that it was of intergalactic origin. However, recent studies show the the cloud does indeed contain heavy elements such as sulfur commonly found in the milky way, thus proving that the Smith Cloud originated in the Milky Way.

    The word collision may strike a few of you as a violent clash of a milky way and cloud that would end up destroying the galaxy, but instead, this collision will result in the formation of new stars caused by the new elements that the cloud brings in. Nicolas Lehner, from the University of Notre Dame, said in the statement, “The Smith Cloud is certainly one of the best examples that shows that recycled gas is an important mechanism in the evolution of galaxies.”

    AQW section hack

    This is the "Best, Most Simple Diamond of Nulgath Bot" you must use a solo class however for it to work flawlessly. This hack was brought to you by MPGH user @SA1656tw featuring more than 20 downloads, that's great for the AQW section! Go ahead and try it yourselves!

    The hip-hop community has had a lot of light on it this past week. Multiple artists have released singles, and there was a wild Twitter beef. We’ll start off with the most interesting which would be the Twitter beef involving Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

    To start this off I will have to say that Kanye West has since deleted all of his Tweets regarding Wiz Khalifa.

    So over the weekend Kanye decided that he wanted to change the album title of his anticipated album SWISH to WAVES.
    Now for those who do not know, the term “waves” in rap and hip-hop has been basically claimed by the artist known as Max B. Max B has been in jail for a little over 4 years now and will not have the opportunity for parole until 2042.
    Wiz Khalifa did not take kindly to this name change. Soon after Kanye tweeted that he was changing the name, Wiz began to tweet videos of Max B and would say things along the lines of “This is the real Wave.” And “Wavvy”.
    Right after making these tweets Wiz went back to his normal tweeting habbits after he noticed none of this phased Kanye. Or so we all thought.
    Wiz tweeted “Hit this KK and become yourself”. Most people who know Wiz know that KK means Khalifa Kush. Kanye thought that he was referencing Kim Kardashian in this tweet.

    Shortly after Wiz made that tweet, Kanye proceeded to tweet close to 20 tweets bashing Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose the mother of Wiz’s child. Kanye said things like “Me and Cudi made this”, “#wizhascoolpants”, “I made it to where we can wear skinnys”, “I feel bad for you that you let a stripper trap you for 18 years” and even “I own your child!!!”.

    This left Amber Rose completely open to defend herself. So in an act of defense she tweeted “Awww @KanyeWest are u mad I'm not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch”

    That pretty much concludes the beef. Kanye tweeted something about how Ex’s just come back with whatever will make you mad and that he doesn’t like fingers in his butt. He really had nothing else to say though.

    Meek Mill and Drake have both dropped singles this weekend. Last night on OVO sound Drake played the single “Summer Sixteen” from his anticipated album “Views From The 6”. Released in the same night Meek dropped the song “War Pain” which makes multiple stabs at Drake and his fan base.. Meek can’t seem to make any music now without attempting to diss Drake and his fan-base but what else can you expect from someone still trying to climb to the top.

    Both songs were very well put together and both worth a listen.

    Rihanna also decided to release a song from her upcoming album as well. The song is “Work feat Drake”. I didn’t really like it all that much, but it’s worth a listen due to the notability of both of the artists on the track.

    In a more pop culture news, the once One-Direction member Zayn has released an album titled “Pillow Talk”.
    Alice Vincent from tells us;

    “For now, Pillowtalk, for all its graphic imagery, complex vocal cuts and deep, sensuous groove, still sounds like something a former boy band member would make.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Malik’s vocals are clear, and billow into a chorus which cries out for stadium floodlight illumination. It’s a perfectly serviceable pop single, and is ready for a dancefloor-filling remix to enhance its big, shimmering bass beat.

    Things get a little overworked in the second half of the single, with a noodling guitar solo, piano keys, Phil Collins-style drumbeats and, more pleasingly, the kind of squeaky bleeps Justin Bieber has adopted on his latest album Purpose. The whole thing is smothered in glossy, high-end, LA production.

    What stops it from being the smart, soulful song Malik intended are the lyrics, which he wrote himself. From the opening line, “Climb on board”, Malik runs through a litany of clichéd phrases including “paradise and warzone” and “f------ and fighting”. In comparison to the bold and brutal ways the likes of The Weeknd, Ocean and FKA Twigs have all dealt with sex in their music, this romance is decidedly lukewarm.”

    From what I’ve read, the album is using Chris Brown’s imagery with Abel XO’s aggressiveness. I’m not going to recommend this album to anyone here on MPGH just figured I would report on it since it’s something new to hit the market this passed weekend.

    This video from YouTube user Kyle Davis shows what happens when impacted earwax is extracted from the ear canal. And it's pretty damn gross.
    According to the NHS, earwax doesn't usually cause problems, but if too much earwax is produced it can lead to a build-up of earwax in the ear canal, which can result in a blocked and painful ear or hearing loss. This is otherwise known as impacted earwax. Treatment options for this include specially prescribed ear drops or, if they don't work, ear irrigation. This is when a pressurised flow of water helps remove the earwax. In this particular instance, surgeons used tweezers to extract a large chunk of impacted earwax from Davis' ear.

    We bet he felt loads better afterwards.

    Interview - [MPGH]Dakota

    Six: How have you been Dakota?

    [MPGH]Dakota: I've been good how about yourself?

    Six: I have been good as well, thanks for asking. Also, congratulations on GTA V Minion!

    [MPGH]Dakota: Thanks appreciate it

    Six: No problem, if you mind me asking, what made you join MPGH?

    [MPGH]Dakota: Stumbled upon the site when I found out what hacking was while playing crossfire, then enjoyed being apart of mpgh so just stuck around.

    Six: I remember those days as well haha, Do you still play Crossfire? If not, do you play any other games?

    [MPGH]Dakota: I haven't played cf in awhile I mainly play GTA, LoL, and then Playstation games as they come out.

    Six:Those are great games, back to MPGH,do you have any favorite sections, and why?

    [MPGH]Dakotaa:Not entirely a favorite section I enjoy reading the comments in general. I mainly watch the GTA sections to make sure they stay clean and attachments are approved in a timely manner.

    Six:That's great! I can see that you are being a responsible Minion. Speaking of Minion, what was your reaction when you realized you got the position?

    [MPGH]Dakota:Uh was a little surprised when someone messaged me letting me know I got it, but glad I was given another opportunity to be on the staff.

    Six:I'm glad to hear that, talking about your personal life a bit more now, do you have any hobbies besides MPGH?

    [MPGH]Dakota:Yeah I play sports whenever I get a chance, go to the range whenever I get a chance. Then also enjoy playing video games on my free time.

    Six: All of those sound really fun, what kind of sports do you play?

    [MPGH]Dakota: Soccer and Baseball mainly.

    Six: Wow! You must be really fit haha. Before we end the interview is there any shoutouts you would like to make?

    [MPGH]Dakota: Yeah shout out to @arunforce (sir jblover jr) for the abuse. +( and the unimportant honorable mentions @Hero & @Dave84311.

    Six: Thank you Dakota for putting time out for me to interview you! Have a nice night.

    [MPGH]Dakota: Yeah no problem, have a goodnight also.

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    Good shit gents.
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    When schuba speaks, people listen


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    Really appreciated the news again,

    The Impacted Earwax vid was nasty af

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    Thanks for the news guys !

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    Great job News Force!! and especially @Dylan and @Thijmen

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    Thanks @Hova for the comment

    Thanks Newsforce yet again for the amazing news!

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    Wow love the news didn't know you guys had this i'm surprised....

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