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    MPGH News - 112th Edition

    112th Edition - July 25th, 2016
    This day in history: World’s First Test Tube Baby Born

    Pokemon Go Minion Applications are open!
    MPGH is now looking to expand its staff team and is hiring a new Pokemon Go Minion! Find the applications here.

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the MPGH community without any restrictions via Skype, you can apply to join the MPGH-1 Skype Chat here.
    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW) or the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group, Adventure Quest Worlds Skype Group, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype Group.
    - The Publicists have opened up a Minecraft server for all of MPGH to join. This is a faction server, using the version 1.8 and no hacking whatsoever. If you are interested in joining, please visit this link for more information.

    • @Hunter is no longer part of the News Force.
    • @Predator covers Technology News for the News Force!
    • @Jubs covers Sports News for the News Force!
    • @savage covers Freelancing for the News Force!
    • @Copperhorse covers Sports News for the News Force!
    • @Nyaro covers Interviewing for the News Force!


    If you are interested in obtaining a premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Premium Member has!


    If would you like to donate for the Publicists Team, then please check this thread.



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    Staff Administrator

    Global Moderators

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    (ArmA 3 Hacks & Cheats, BattleOn Games Hacks, Cheats & Trainers, DayZ Mod & Standalone Hacks & Cheats, Minecraft Hacks & Cheats and Steam Games Hacks & Cheats)

    (Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Hacks & Cheats and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Hacks & Cheats)
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    (Market Place, Social Engineering and Trove Hacks & Cheats)
    (Minecraft Hacks & Cheats, Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats, and Runescape Hacks/Bots)
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    (Market Place)
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    (Market Place)
    (Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats and Other MMORPG Hacks)
    (Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats)
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    (Battlefield Hacks & Cheats and Call of Duty Hacks & Cheats)

    Game Hacking

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    Hot Threads:

    Flash-floods and Suspensions
    Last week, a massive flood hit the Hebei, Henan, and Beijing provinces located in northern China leaving more than 200 people dead or missing. Flash-floods and intense rainstorms also swept the Hebei province at 2 A.M. The villagers of the town of Xingtai were hit without a warning or notice. This lead to anger and uprisings among the villagers, blaming the government for their failure to warn them about the floods. Following these uprisings, 4 local officials of Xingtai have been suspended for their insufficient response to the floods. Around 60 casualties have been reported in the Hebei province alone. The Henan province has also been affected heavily with 15 reported deaths and 72,000 evacuated.

    47 people shot in Chicago over the weekend
    Forty-seven people over the weekend were shot in Chicago. This pushes the number of deaths due to gun violence close to a staggering 2,300 mark. This year, there has been 740 deaths more compared to the same time last year. The city so far has had 268 homicides. 19 people were shot between 4:30PM Friday and 6:45AM Satuday. Another two people were killed and eight injured between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Lastly, 16 others were fatally shot and wounded between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

    New Pokemon and Trading Confirmed
    You all know very well of the new and addicting game known as Pokémon GO. Well, following the release of Pokémon GO servers in Japan and a recent panel at San Diego Comic Con, the dev team at Niantic has officially confirmed the addition of more Pokémon and more Pokéstops/Pokémon Centers as well as the implementation of a Pokémon trading system. Although there is no set release date for the trading system or the new Pokémon, these new features are confirmed as an update in the near future. Niantic also noted the addition of more Pokéstops and Pokéstop customization. With all of these confirmed updates, Niantic still has a lot in store with many big features still in consideration, such as breeding and more items that operate similarly to the lure module. Cross your fingers for server improvements and happy Pokémon hunting!

    Sonic's 25th Anniversary
    With the 25th anniversary of SEGA's hit character and game, Sonic the Hedgehog, SEGA plans to revamp the old SEGA Genesis formula with their new upcoming 2D platformer, Sonic Mania. Revisiting the feel of the original Sonic games, Sonic Mania is aiming to capture what made those games cult-hits among gamers. Alongside the development of Sonic Mania is another Sonic game made by Sonic Team themselves. Under the tentative title of Project Sonic 2017, this new game is SEGA’s latest attempt to break Sonic’s general tread downward in quality and appeal. There's not much information yet on these two games, but we will keep you posted!

    Bring 3D Sounds to your Headphones
    For all the audio enthusiasts in the world, it is now possible to experience 3D audio in the comfort of your own home. With the introduction of the idea of 3D sound in the past few years, many companies have strive to create an affordable product that allows users to have an immersive audio experience without the expensive equipment. For as little as $99 USD, consumers can purchase a clip on device that attaches to all of your favorite brand name headsets and will enable the wearer to experience 3D audio. Instead of building an entirely new headset, companies have focused their time and energy into smaller products that can be purchased by consumers of all levels. A few notable companies such as Waves and 3D Sound Labs have already started developing their own line of 3D audio products. Currently 3D Sound Labs is relying on crowd funding to complete their project. For a price of $99 backers can "purchase" the product to try for themselves. The device will also contain a gyroscope that should allow its wearers to cycle through songs with a slight nod. It's a revolutionary idea to say the least.

    Edward Snowden Designs Phone Case That Shows When It Is Being Spied On
    Everyone knows of Edward Snowden and how he ousted the NSA for spying on phones, cautioning people to be aware that this was happening, but now he's taking that concept to a whole new level. Currently he and an Andrew "Bunnie" Huang have made outlines for creating a phone case that will potentially stop anyone from monitoring private calls. The case is designed to display a notification and spark an alarm when either the phone's cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are sending and receiving data. The case will also have a kill switch just in case it was sending and receiving any unauthorized signals. Although originally designed for the iPhone 6, hopefully the case will come to other phones once proven successful.

    Radical $uicide - $uicideBoy$

    So many albums were released this past week, it was a fantastic week for music. Myself and Logic can only report on two albums for the Music News article. I've chosen the $uicideBoy$' album for a very specific reason. Radical $uicide is an edgy 'horrorcore' album, produced completely by Getter. Getter is the reason I chose this project over the others that were released this week. Getter is an EDM type DJ mainly seen in the festival and club scene.
    Radical $uicide is a 5 song EP consisting of vocals by Ruby and $carecrow, the duo make up the $uicideBoy$. Ruby is famous for making verses no one can understand, and $carecrow is famous for demonic verses. Radical $uicide is an incredibly aggressive EP consisting of dark beats and altered melodic samples. To be honest the beats on this EP could easily be soundtracks for scary movies. They're very easy to vibe to, but also extremely edgy and pushing boundaries. From homicidal lyrics to drug addict phrases this EP is perfect for your genocide playlist. Frankly I'm a huge fan of $uicideBoy$ and I believe this is one of their best projects. Sadly it's a bit short for my liking but $B's have always released very short albums.
    Listen to this EP for free here
    I give this EP a 9/10

    21 Savage - Savage Mode
    21 Savage and Metro Boomin have just premiered their brand new Savage Mode EP on July 15, 2016 at 12PM, which consists of 9 new songs. The Atlanta rapper's talent lies in his ability to create his own world and never deviate form it. You could never picture him shredding a single tear, taking a loss or choosing non-violence. The drugs he sells, the weapons he totes, the things he'll do to you if you talk crap to him; these are the things that define 21 Savage's universe. This project captures his essence with a tighter focus than his last two releases, which are The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King. Metro Boomin's producer role is without a doubt to thank for the albums efficient brevity,and 21 Savage seems to work way better with one producer for any given projects he may release. Savage Mode is by far 21 Savage's best mixtape/project so far, with its use of melody and subtle production. The subtlety is actually the key to the project, as 21 Savage delivers threats without raising his voice across the majority of the album. The strength in Savage Mode is how it holds the same "low-key" note for half an hour, giving you just enough to want more without overdoing it. Newcomer's and listeners expecting mind-bending metaphors and clever punchlines are missing the point of this project. 21 Savage is a member of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class, clearly isn't trying to be a lyricist; his music is a straight shot of liquor, but not in a fancy drink. There is an obvious distinct feeling of distilled pain and emotion in his deadpan, like an uninterested delivery, as 21 Savage's tone conveys more than the content of his words can. Technique becomes substance. As the project ends appropriately with "Ocean Drive", a serene but somehow an unsettling closer that encapsulates 21 Savage's appeal. The blunt force of his verses knock you over the head before his melodic hooks smooth you out — but only for so long until he brings the pain again.

    I give this album an 7.5/10. You would have to understand trap. It's haunting, yet so beautiful.
    If you want to listen to the Savage Mode project, click here.

    Russian athletes banned from 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
    A massive state-sponsored doping program by Russia was discovered and has led to 68 Russian athletes being banned from participating in this years 2016 Rio Olympic Games. From 2011 to 2015, it was discovered that the Russian government had been covering up positive drug tests of Russian athletes from 28 different sports. They would replace the positive tested urine the athletes gave with ones that would turn up negative. Russia argues that it is being treated unfairly by the court because other countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya have been found to be doing similar activities, but have not had any athletes banned from major international tournaments. It is now being discussed among the court as to whether or not every Russian athlete will be banned from participating in this years Olympics as a result of the scandal, even if they are clean.

    Arsenal plans to buy out Riyad Mahrez and Alexandre Lacazette
    Arsenal plans to buy out Riyad Mahrez and Alexandre Lacazette for a combined price of 98 Million US Dollars or 75 Million British pounds. Due to last season's mediocre performance by Arsenal and heavy lack of goals, Team Manager Arsene Wenger decided to pick up these two stars for a hefty amount of money, further completing Arsenal's attack lineup. Mahrez was voted Player of the Year by PFA last season, and Lacazette is a very talented rising star. These two powerhouses will complete Arsenal's once faulty attack lineup.

    Ebay has become a "Waking Nightmare of Amateur Trump Art"
    Amateur art that extends from a $25,000 Trump clown painting to a $900 silicon Trump mask has been flooding Ebay. Trump has not only been trending on social media, he is now taking over Ebay. A new wave of "Trump" products has been seen all over Ebay and the prices have gone through the roof! Some examples of the new "Amateur Trump Art" are a Donald Trump look-alike newborn baby doll ($20,000.00), a Donald Trump clown dress painting ($25,000.00), a vintage giant paper mache Donald Trump statue ($2,400.00), and many others. The upcoming presidential election has taken over the whole internet, Ebay is just a new addition to the list.


    CSGO Hacks
    A dear MPGH member, @KyuubiJaJ has created a extremely nice hack for CS:GO! This hack is very enjoyable to use but use it to a discretion! You don't wanna get banned The features are: AimBot, Visibility Check, Skin Changer (BETA), Glow ESP, Glow ESP Visible, Glow ESP Defusing (you must have checked visible), Trigger Bot, Trigger Bot Delay, Trigger Bot After Shoot Delay, Bunny Hop, No Flash and No Flash Power! It's really great that this hack has so many features to use. It's extremely easy to get up and running, and a very easy install. It's a great hack to use with your friends or just by yourself as well. Have fun using this hack!


    CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks

    This week we are featuring the CounterStrike: Global Offensive Hacks section, which is moderated by [MPGH]NormenJaydenFBI, [MPGH]Hunter and [MPGH]Smoke.
    This section provides the hacks that give you the advantage in the game. These hacks consists of wallhack (player esp), aimbot/triggerbot, skin changer (only appears on your client), anti-flash, bunnyhop and much more.
    If you don't have this game, there is a marketplace section for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive where you can buy accounts with competitive ranks or just a fresh new account for a cheaper price than retail.
    Furthermore, this community offers both paid and free boosting services to help you rank up while playing competitive matchmaking.
    I definitely recommend you to try this game out if you already don't have it, and if you don't like this game too much, I suggest you try some of these hacks!

    Border Patrol Agents Detain 2 ‘Pokemon Go’ Players
    So this is yet another Pokemon Go story. This incident took place last Thursday when two teenagers crossed the border from Canada over to the U.S.
    The teenagers have not been identified yet. Police say that the teens were so busy playing the game "Pokemon Go" that they didn't even realize that they crossed over the border. When the duo was spotted by border patrol they were taken to the nearest border patrol station and their mothers called to come get them. “Both juveniles were so captivated by their ‘Pokemon GO’ games that they lost track of where they were,” the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency’s public affairs officer Michael Rappold said via a statement.“They crossed the international border inadvertently, but agents were able to reunite them with their mother,” he added. So next time you go on a hike and play Pokemon Go at the same time, make sure you keep track of your surroundings.

    Brilliant ‘My Hitch’ Gadget Lets You Wear Your Suitcase Like A Tail
    Since our generations are getting lazier and lazier, we have to come up with a way to help us live our lazy lives. So, if you're ever in an airport and have a suitcase, you're in luck! My Hitch has just made your life easier for dragging your suitcase around! They have made a brilliant plastic clip that you attach to your pants and hook up with your suitcase, so you can drag your suitcase around with your butt. The My Hitch clips with best with bags under 25 pounds, and be sure to wear a belt, and if you're wearing a dress, maybe make sure it's a belted one. Airline pilot Robert Lian who came up with the idea says it makes the long airport walks a lot more easier. “I’ve walked 2-3 miles demonstrating my product around Miami Airport,” Lian writes. “If I wasn’t hungry, I could have walked more.” My Hitch re'tails' for $17.95 and a huge piece of your dignity. Buy yours now!


    Interview - [MPGH] Predator


    [MPGH]Joe: Hi, Predator. How has the recent week been in your life, is there anything interesting that has happened?

    [MPGH]Predator: Thanks a lot for asking! I've been trying to get involved with MPGH more. Gaining a role in the News Force was definitely the highlight for me this week.

    [MPGH]Joe: Yes, you recently gained a position with the News Force team. How did it feel to gain this role in the MPGH community and have you had a role writing news before? Possibly at school?

    [MPGH]Predator: With a community as large as MPGH, I think it's important that we have a News Team to keep track of the events that happen each week. When I first started on the News Team, my only intention was to share information that would interest the members on MPGH. So far a lot of people are pleased about the weekly news so that keeps me motivated to do my best work. As for my prior experience in writing, I just like to write. I haven't officially worked on any new team for my school. It's a new experience for me but I'm confident that I'm doing a good job.

    [MPGH]Joe: That is great, Predator. The News Force has a big role within the community and contributes a lot towards it. It's great you attained this role and are able to work on your writing skills and be able to produce great content within your news section. What inspired you to write? Do you have a keen interest in reading?

    [MPGH]Predator: I love to read books so writing came natural to me. I never really struggled with writing because I always find it easy to express my ideas in the form of words. My inspiration to keep on writing is to better perfect my skills. I wouldn't say writing is a hobby for me, it's simply a necessity. As for reading, I don't have any problems with reading books. What's funny is even though I spend a lot of my time on the internet, I'm still able to find some time out of my day to sit down and read a book.

    [MPGH]Joe: You are well suited for your position then! Being able to have enough time to spend reading books is a great aspect to life considering you will be able to constantly improve upon your work and be able to enjoy it at the same time. Do you have any favorite books you'd like to share with us? Or are you also interested by plays and performances?

    [MPGH]Predator: A few books I enjoyed were: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Catcher in the Rye by J D Salinger, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I do have some more favorites but I can't remember them off the top of my head. I'm not so interested in plays or performances. I'm not the "fine arts" type of guy. My main passion is for technology and creating things. Books, as opposed to plays and performances, are a more direct way of creating imaginary worlds. There are some things plays and performances can't replicate from books. There are no boundaries in a good story, anything goes.

    [MPGH]Joe: I remember The Catcher being a fantastic book, I can very much so agree that books allow you to venture into imaginary worlds of thoughts and ideas. Books do certainly express contrasts and characteristics much more in detail compared to plays and performances. Moving to technology, what games are you interested in? What games do you currently play?

    [MPGH]Predator: I'm a hardcore FPS gamer. Anything that's a FPS game, I play. Currently I'm playing CS: GO, Overwatch, and some Battlefield on the side. However, I do enjoy good single player story games as well. A few notable ones are the Uncharted Series and Bioshock.

    [MPGH]Joe: Those are some very popular and fun games. Do you play competitively in CS: GO? Also, did you attend Flengo's Overwatch competition? It had a great turn-out and the expectations were broken.

    [MPGH]Predator: No I wasn't there for the Overwatch tournament. Creating tournaments for MPGH is a really hard thing to do and not a lot of people realize how much work goes behind setting up one. Before I went on hiatus, I tried setting up a few tournaments as well. A notable one I did was a CS: GO one. MPGH is just a diverse community and setting up a tournament that's hosted in one location pretty much limits the people who can play. On top of that, lag is a huge issue. Many people can sign up but only a few actually show up when it's time to play. Regardless of how much time you put into setting up a tournament, all that matters is the amount of people that show up on tournament day. Entire weeks of prep work can be flushed down the drain if only a handful of people show up. I'm really happy that @Flengo was able to create a tournament that worked. Huge props to the entire PL team!

    [MPGH]Joe: They certainly did a great job with the tournament with the great turn-out. It takes a humongous amount of effort and dedication to create and be able to go through with a tournament in a massive community like MPGH's. Moving along, what brought you to MPGH? Were you interested in the hacks or did you find the website through a friend?

    [MPGH]Predator: I originally came here for the Combat Arms hacks. I saw my neighbor using some wall hacks and I wanted to get some for myself. I did a quick Google search and it brought me to MPGH. After a while, Combat Arms became boring so I moved on to another FPS game: Alliance of Valiant Arms. I played that game pretty much everyday and when the hacks started rolling out, I used them as well. I pretty much knew everything there was to the game and I began helping out people who had trouble with the game and the hacks. After a few months Minion applications opened up and I applied but I didn't get a role. I didn't let this deter me though, so I continued to do the things I usually did. I got involved with the section as much as I can, and I even became an Editor for the MPGH Wiki for that page. However after that program got shut down, Minion applications opened again for sections across MPGH. AVA wasn't one of them so I tried my luck on the Battlefield section. I made a lengthy application but I had zero activity in that section so I had little hopes of getting in. However, Liz saw my activity in the AVA section and decided to let me become a Minion there instead. It was really a storybook ending if you ask me. I was a Minion there for a year and I left due to school. Anyways, it was a fantastic time in my MPGH career and it's something I take pride in.

    [MPGH]Joe: That's fantastic that @Liz notices your activity even when its not the section that she was looking for staff to moderate. It's great you were given that opportunity like the news position and are able to help the MPGH community and fill your time up with contributing to helping people with hacks and news. What would be your favorite MPGH section? And what section do you think most needs improving and why?

    [MPGH]Predator: My favorite section has to be the Marketplace. It's a great addition to the forums and its always active. I've bought many things there in the past and it's really a great place to get all sorts of things. However, due to the recent scams and such it can also be a very dangerous place to be if you're not careful. This is why I think the Marketplace needs the most improvement out of all the other sections on MPGH. Simply put, there isn't another section like the Marketplace. I'd like to see the Middlemen make a return to the scene and I know the higher ups are working hard to implement that in place. Overall, trading in general could be a lot safer. If we are able to put some sort of system in that cuts down on the scamming then that would amazing. At the end of the day, its all up to the buyers to use their best judgement when buying something from the marketplace.

    [MPGH]Joe: Precisely, it does all come up to the buyers as I have seen repeat scammers numerously scam buyers because the buyer didn't check the Skype ID over with MPGH or the internet to check if it was known for scamming. I've seen this happen so many times I wouldn't be able to put a number on the situations. It would be nice to see the middlemen come back but the job was very time consuming and most trades would end up not happening. The marketplace section would be one of the hardest to rework but could be improved with some tweaks. It's coming to the end of the interview, are there any shout-outs you'd like to do to anyone in special?

    [MPGH]Predator: I just have my usual shout out to @Liz for doing a fantastic job as always, @Hova and @Raple for getting me into the News Force again, @Hunter for being my Skype buddy, @Joe for doing this interview, and @Jubs for doing those giveaways. It was a pleasure being interviewed. I really enjoyed it!

    [MPGH]Joe: Thank you for your time and it's great you enjoyed the interview, have a lovely day!

    [MPGH]Predator: No problem, thank you for the interview!

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    Good job, nice read.
    Keep it up.

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