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    MPGH News - 115th Edition

    115th Edition - August 15th, 2016
    This Week in History: Skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered

    New Minions required!
    Do you enjoy spending time on MPGH? Ever wanted to contribute more to the site but didn't know how? Well it is your lucky day! Staff applications have just opened up. Read more about them here.

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the MPGH community without any restrictions via Skype, you can apply to join the MPGH-1 Skype Chat here.
    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW), Pokemon Go, or the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group, Adventure Quest Worlds Skype Group, Pokemon Go Skype Group, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype Group.
    - The Publicists have opened up a Minecraft server for all of MPGH to join. This is a faction server, using the version 1.8 and no hacking whatsoever. If you are interested in joining, please visit this link for more information.
    - The Publicists are hosting a MPGH Paint Contest. If you are interested in creating something with Microsoft Paint, please visit here and enter your submission.
    - The News Force is hosting a Signature of the Month contest. The voting period has begun so please visit here and vote for the best signature to not only assist the News Force but also help in selecting the winner of the $10.
    - MPGHCraft is looking for some server staff to promote and help keep the server going. If you would like to join the team, please visit this thread and PM Flengo with your experiences and why you should be selected for this position!
    - Minion applications are up for League of Legends and Combat Arms. Please read the requirements before applying!

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    Hot Threads:

    Joy in Syrian City Manbij as Rebels Liberate IS Held City
    The US backed Kurdish-Alliance confirmed on Friday that Manjib has been liberated and the civilians have been freed from the Islamic State. People took to the streets to celebrate their freedom in which men were seen cutting their beards and women burning their niqabs. Many people were hugging the fighters who had a tough time facing the retreating IS soldiers. The jihadists put around 2,000 civilians in their vehicles as they retreated to try and use as human shields. Among the 2,000 were many women and children. This was a tragedy to prevent the Rebels targetting them. The SDF have confirmed that they had freed thousands of civilians but the war has not yet finished.

    Louisiana Flood Leaves 2 Dead
    A tragic flood has swept over southern Louisiana due to consistent heavy rainfall on Saturday. At least two people were killed in fast-moving waters during the flood. Fortunately, National Guard soldiers, officials in boats, and helicopters swarmed the area, picking up and saving more than 1,000 people affected by the flood. The flood began to accumulate on Friday when six to ten inches of rain poured in southern Louisiana and another four to six inches on top of that on Saturday afternoon. Mississippi and Alabama were also affected by the heavy rainfall. Numerous rivers overflowed due to the heavy rainfall and officials are still not sure how widespread and immense the damage has partaken in Louisiana.

    No mans sky biggest steam release this year
    From the technical side of things, No mans's sky hadn't had the best launch on the PC.
    But in terms of sales it's been excellent, already being one of the biggest launches of all time on steam. An official source, Steam Stats, created by Valve. Shows that 212,620 people were all playing the game at the same time on launch day. Needless to say that steam servers were on a lot of stress, They were in fact serving a combined 4.7 terabits per second of download. That's just crazy. It may not seem like a lot compared to steams most popular games like Dota 2 and cs:go but considering 212,620 player is at least 42% more then what was achieved every other year.
    Just for reference I'll include a list of the peaks of the concurrent players of the most popular games on steam.

    XCOM 2 133,022
    Dark Souls 3 129,975
    Total War: Warhammer 113,019
    Starbound 62,301 (after leaving Early Access)
    Doom 44,271
    Hitman 12,582

    And the all-time highs of breakout, surprise hits from 2016:
    Stellaris 68,602
    Stardew Valley 64,632
    Factorio 16,281
    RimWorld 15,063
    And the all-time highs of other, longer-standing popular games that aren’t Dota 2 or CS:GO:

    Rocket League 103,129 (during a free weekend)
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 92,267
    ARK: Survival Evolved 84,961 (during a free weekend)
    Rust 64,982
    All concurrent players figures via, which compiles Steam Stats data.

    Here's a quote from Evan Lahti and what he had to say in regard to the levels of players.

    "Again, these aren’t sales figures, and different games inspire different levels of urgency to play at launch. But concurrency numbers are representative of how popular a game is. Skyrim touched 280,000 concurrent during its launch week in 2011, and went on to sell more than 3.5 million on PC and console in its first two days. GTA 5 hit 364,000 at launch. I just wish we compare these games to Overwatch, which already has 15 million players across all platforms. "

    In other words, the hype train has no brakes.


    NASA Awards Companies $65 Million to Develop Deep Space Habitats
    Ever since the start of the space program, NASA has always pushed the limits to go deeper into space. First it was the Moon and now it is Mars. With the recent rovers that were deployed on Mars, NASA was able to get a clearer picture of how life on Mars would be like. NASA has really high hopes for traveling to Mars and the first step in doing so is coming up with a plan to house the astronauts there.

    Although NASA is interested in the aspect of sustaining life on Mars, they are also very interested in creating a living environment there that has the capabilities of housing hundreds of astronauts if they do decide to send that many up. Think of the International Space Station (ISS) but on Mars. The idea itself seems farfetched but with the amount of research NASA has put into this, it may soon become a reality. NASA has just put aside $65 million dollars, spread across two years and six companies, to come up with a suitable habitat for planets like Mars. This has not been the first time that NASA has enlisted for the help of third party companies. Just last year alone, NASA contracts were approximately worth $15 million dollars divided ten ways. Overall, with the increase spending it is possible that we will see some progress being made by 2017.


    Partynextdoor 3 - PartyNextDoor

    This week PartyNextDoor released his much anticipated PND 3. For those who have never listened to Partynextdoor, this album is Hip-Hop/R&B. Party is a sensual rapper as I like to call it. He usually raps about women and drugs and what he does with women while he's on drugs. For those who have listened to Party before, this album carries out the same characteristics we've seen him deliver on past projects. A popular single from the album is "Come and See Me" featuring Drake. With Drake dominating the charts ever since the Views release, having him on the album is not only a fantastic business move, but great musically as well. Drake and Party are both known for the same genres of sensual rap and soul type music so a collab between the two is eccentric. The flow of the album is really nice, the transitions are great and the production is flawless. I'm not a huge fan of every song, but I will say that I like the way they are put together.
    I give this album a 6.5 / 10 solely based off certain songs not being to my liking. Great album.

    Rae Sremmurd's New Album: Sremmlife 2
    On August 12th, Rae Sremmurd dropped their new album, Sremmlife 2, a follow-up to his first album, Sremmlife. For those who have never heard of Rae Sremmurd, they are an American hip-hop duo which consists of Khalif Brown (Swae Lee) and Aaquil Brown (Slim Jxmmi). The album consists of 12 songs while featuring Kodak Black, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and Lil' Jon. However, even with this long list of features, the album is still "decent" at best. This is definitely one of the more audacious and ballsy albums I've heard. Don't get me wrong, some of these songs are definite bangers, it's just that most of the songs are a bit unusual or out of the ordinary. Rae Sremmurd is by far one owns a part of my playlist, but I don't think many of the new releases are going to be added.
    I'll give this album a 5.5/10 due the amount of songs that I dislike. Other than those songs, I'd blast this album any day.

    Rio Paralympics 2016: Russian athletes banned after doping scandal
    Following an investigation involving Russia's 2016 Paralympic team,whom were accused of a government-sponsored doping scandal, were found guilty and banned from participating in Rio's 2016 Paralympics. However, the Russian Paralympic Committee is planning to appeal against the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. "Canadian law professor Richard McLaren's report found that Russia's sports ministry manipulated urine samples provided by its athletes between 2011 and 2015. The report identified 27 samples relating to eight Para-sports, five of which are summer sports, including some governed by the IPC." Evgeniy Bukharov, member of the Russian Paralympic Commitee said it best, "Tragically this situation is not about athletes cheating a system, but about a state-run system that is cheating the athletes. The doping culture that is polluting Russian sport stems from the Russian government."

    "The Russian government has catastrophically failed its para-athletes. Their 'medals over morals' mentality disgusts me. The complete corruption of the anti-doping system is contrary to the rules and strikes at the very heart of the spirit of Paralympic sport.

    "It shows a blatant disregard for the health and well being of athletes and, quite simply, has no place in Paralympic sport. Their thirst for glory at all costs has severely damaged the integrity and image of all sport, and has certainly resulted in a devastating outcome for the Russian Paralympic Committee and Para-athletes."

    MPGH New Sig Of The Month #1 has ended
    The SOTM or SOTW event has always been a big event where members get the chance to show off they artistic and design skills, the winner gets a reward and recognition in return. We are glad to announce that our first SOTM hosted by @Dynasty and the News Force team has ended. Winner is @IV2B who will be featured on our news for a whole month, until the next winner is chosen. IV2B will also be receiving $10 as prize money. We encourage other members to join the event and show MPGH what your graphic skills are all about.
    - Please contact @Dynasty to donate towards SOTM prize money.

    SOTM #1 Submissions | SOTM #1 Voting

    Jewish museum for children inspired by Noah’s Ark
    Berlin plans a Jewish museum for children inspired by Noah’s Ark after a jury awarded the first prize of the architectural completion to the firm Olson Kundig of Seattle. The museum is designed for a younger audience of 5 to 12 year-olds and if all goes as planned, it should be opened and completed in 2018 - 2019. The museum will be packed with interactive installations and a very nice design that will be similar to Noah’s Ark, this will build a connections between the biblical story in all relevance and the present day. People and animals will also build a connection between nature and civilization. The children’s museum comes at no small price with a budget of €3.44m with a further €2.11m to finance the exhibition.


    Grand Theft Auto V Hacks
    A dear MPGH member, @JayKoZa2015 created a splendid hack for GTA V!
    This hack is very enjoyable and quick to use. You don't wanna get banned. The features are: God-Mode, No Ragdoll, Anti-Gravity Beat, Anti-Gravity Kick, No Cops, Fast Run, Fast Swim, Damage Weapon, Damage Fight, and Damage Vehicle.
    It's a spectacular hack that has features to use. It's extremely easy to get up and running, and a very easy install. Within 4 weeks of of this hack being released, a whopping 10020 downloads was reached! Have fun using this hack!


    Overwatch Hacks & Cheats

    This week we are featuring the Overwatch Hacks & Cheats section, moderated by [MPGH]Dexter and [MPGH]Joe.
    As most of you know, Overwatch was released back in May 2016, a game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
    MPGH offers hacks to provide you with the upper hand whilst playing this game. There is an occasional boosting thread (e.g. Overtime Boosting Players) which will both allow you, those getting boosted, and the booster get a higher skill rating.
    The hacks provided include color aimbot, triggerbots, and scripts for Reaper Reload/Melee, Soldier no-recoil, McCree no-recoil, and Reinhardt fast melee.

    Overwatch Game-mode selection

    Man who fell asleep in dumpster narrowly avoided being recycled
    Saturday night a man was reported almost getting crushed in a dumpster truck after he fell asleep in a bin on the side of the road. Ivan Rosalio Mendez Perez is the 23 year old that almost got crushed to pieces after falling asleep in a dumpster. As Mendez realized that he had been dumped into the truck he repeatedly threw cardboard boxes and trash out of the truck, desperately trying to get the drivers attention. Captain Eric Carter from the Albany Police Department in Oregon said: “The driver became aware of it at Big 5 Sporting Goods because the subject was throwing cardboard out of the truck. He got out to look and heard Mr. Perez yelling, so he contacted us. Albany Fire also responded to remove Mr. Perez from the truck.” Mendez was lucky and only left the scene with a fractured leg and no life threatening wounds.

    Pelican Takes A Long, Hard Look At His Choices
    If you're on Twitter or FaceBook you've probably seen this pelican who's gotten himself into some trouble! On Tuesday in Truckee, California, there was a report of a injured pelican. When police arrived at the scene, the bird wasn't injured but he was in danger as he was walking on the streets dodging cars. ”He looked tired from flying, so I knew I could get a hold of him,” Griesemer told the Sacramento Bee. “This isn’t the first bird I’ve caught. I knew what to look for, how he was going to react and how he would try to defend himself.” After Griesemer caught the bird, he gave him a ride back to the office and then was transferred to a wildlife rescue group. He's safe and not in any trouble... for now.


    Interview - [MPGH] Boombox


    [MPGH]Joe: Hi, Boombox. How has the recent week been in your life, is there anything interesting that has happened?

    [MPGH]Boombox: Yes, firstly I announced myself to be female to the community to MPGH after staying hidden for so long due to how women are treated online these days.

    [MPGH]Joe: That was a surprise to most! You had MPGH fooled indefinitely. How do you feel now that you are free among the community.

    [MPGH]Boombox: It's great to be more open within the community and to have such great feedback on my thread. I am glad that everyone was so supportive and that I am now able to have that off my chest.

    [MPGH]Joe: It must certainly feel like a relief to be able to now be known and to not be doubted for who you are! Due to this happening, you received the rare Princess tag. How do you feel to be part of the Princess elitist team?

    [MPGH]Boombox: It feels good to be able to be an official MPGH Princess and to be able to rule over the General section with my supreme power. I love my newly colored named and how it appears. It's also an honor to be part of this group with Liz

    [MPGH]Joe: That's great to hear. Recently you have been led to a couple achievements, one in particular being your promotion to Minion+! Anyways, what is your favorite section on MPGH and what do you like about it?

    [MPGH]Boombox: Most definitely being promoted to Minion+ was a big leap in my MPGH career and I intend to carry on with my current activity and moderation. My favorite section is no doubt the general section. It has such a wild diversity of topics which interests me and there are always tons of opinions that I love to read.

    [MPGH]Joe: That's great, so you moderate your favorite section! What games do you enjoy playing and have a keen interest in?

    [MPGH]Boombox: I play Diablo 3 and League of legends mainly. But I also have a keen interest in Realm of the Mad God which I have been playing lately due to the new developers taking over the game which has led to a lot of events and awesome new items and dungeons.

    [MPGH]Joe: Those are some great games! Although I may be bias over Realm of the Mad God after playing it for four years and moderating it on MPGH. As a final question, what brought you to MPGH in the first place? What made you fall upon this mystical website.

    [MPGH]Boombox: Well before I joined MPGH I played Combat Arms a lot. At some point I felt the need to find some hacks for the game to make it more interesting and to adventure the hacking world of a game. I stumbled upon MPGH when searching for the said hacks and was never able to leave the website. That's when I came across the general section and that's where I have stayed for the past years whilst being a staff member for the website.

    [MPGH]Joe: It's coming to the end of the interview, are there any shout-outs you'd like to do to anyone in special?

    [MPGH]Boombox: I just have a shout-out to @Cinodor and the MPGH1 Skype chat thank you!

    [MPGH]Joe: Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed the interview, have a lovely day!

    [MPGH]Boombox: No problem, thank you for the interview which I thoroughly enjoyed!

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    Looking good! shoutout to the flooded louisiana!

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    Nice work!
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    Nice job this week! So much minion hype!

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    Good job! Nice interview

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    A place where I can be content and somewhat happy with myself.
    still getting use to @Boombox being a female
    Schuba is my main nigga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Logic View Post
    still getting use to @Boombox being a female
    Don't worry she doesn't act any different :P

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    Good Read. Thanks for all News FO members, especially @Hova
    Thanks for mentioning me, @Ahlwong .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydra View Post
    Fornite is basically just Overwatch. Same concept.

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    Great job guys.


    -> My Vouch Thread <-


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    Very nice!

    Love ya @Boombox
    Like Something that i did or what i've uploaded?

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    Great news as always, very professional.
    Keep it up Looking forward for the new applications that are raining down atm

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    Also had a little moment & a decent satisfaction level

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hova View Post
    please visit here and vote for the best signature
    Is it just me or when I click this it links to the Paint Contest instead of the Signature contest..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symmetrical View Post

    Is it just me or when I click this it links to the Paint Contest instead of the Signature contest..
    He probably meant this link

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    Quote Originally Posted by Symmetrical View Post

    Is it just me or when I click this it links to the Paint Contest instead of the Signature contest..
    My bad

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