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    MPGH News - 120th Edition

    120th Edition - September 19th, 2016
    "We will find Blue Cloak, I swear it!" - Raple

    New GM Alert?
    MPGH is currently looking for a new GM! If you have someone in mind who may deserve this extremely prestigious position, nominate then here:

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), the Realm of the Mad God (ROTMG), Adventure Quest Worlds (AQW), Pokemon Go, or the Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) community and you meet the requirements, make sure to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Official Skype Group, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group, Adventure Quest Worlds Skype Group, Pokemon Go Skype Group, or Counter-Strike Global Offensive Skype Group.
    - The Publicists have opened up a Minecraft server for all of MPGH to join. This is a faction server, using the version 1.8 and no hacking whatsoever. If you are interested in joining, please visit this link for more information.
    - MPGHCraft is looking for some server staff to promote and help keep the server going. If you would like to jo in the team, please visit this thread and PM Flengo with your experiences and why you should be selected for this position!
    - MPGH is designing a T-Shirt as merchandise. Please visit here to help select which shirt design is the best.
    - The News Force is hosting a Signature of the Month contest. Please visit here if you want to submit your space themed signature or just view the submissions. The winner will receive $10, courtesy of Dynasty!
    - Raple is hosting a MPGH Q&A video event. If you have any questions you want to ask, please visit here and fire away!


    If you are interested in obtaining a premium membership and donating to MPGH, please go here to read about all the benefits Premium Member has!


    If would you like to donate for the Publicists Team, then please check this thread.



    Signature of the Month:
    The winner of the September Nature Themed Signature of the Month is @Space. We will be featuring his signature for the next few editions to inspire others to participate.

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    Hot Threads:

    Cyclist Dies after crash in race at Paralympics
    Iranian Bahman Golbarnezhad, age 48, was going down a steep hill when he crashed and, sadly, died. During a road race in Rio, the Iranian cyclist crashed and passed away. At the scene, he was treated after the crash. However, he suffered a cardiac arrest as he was being taken to the hospital in which he passed away. The crash took place on a mountainous stretch as he was going down a steep hill during the men's C4-C5 race for athletes with lower limb impairments or amputations. We do not yet know what caused the incident, but investigations are taking place in what is believed to be the first death in the Paralympics. Carlos Nuzman, head of the Rio Olympic organizing committee, stated "This is very sad news for sport and for the Paralympic movement. Our hearts and prayers are with Bahman's family, his teammates and all the people of Iran." The Iranian flag was lowered to half-mast in the Paralympic Village, and a moment of silence will be held at Sunday's closing ceremony in the Maracana Stadium. The cyclist who died was born in the city of Shiraz, Iran, but had also competed at the London Olympics in 2012.

    Nazi time capsule found in Poland
    Despite knowing that a time capsule existed for decades, researchers have been unable to obtain the time capsule due to long process involved, including avoiding Nazi planted mines. The time capsule was supposedly buried on April 22, 1934, and was found beneath a center of education and training for Nazi workers. Researchers opened the capsule to find a large number of pictures and other items, including coins and newspaper articles at the time. Many of the pictures found were photos of former Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Amongst the items found were documents of Nazi germany and two copies of Mein Kampf, which outlines Adolf Hitler's views on racial theory and described his racial ideology. More notably, it contained a letter for those written to the future residents who would discover the capsule. Researchers say that the items in the capsule are in good quality.


    YouTube or a Casino?
    We are all no stranger to gambling, whether it be in a casino, or on a CS:GO skin website. However, as of late people have been cracking down on online gambling in relation to children. Lot's of kids just can't resist the urge to increase what they have, whether it be a skin or actual money. This has resulted in a lot of controversy and climaxed I believe, on Friday afternoon when Craig Douglas and Dylan Rigby, who are both from Essex, were charged with promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling. Now you might say "why is Douglas important at all?" you probably know him better as youtuber "Nepenthez" It is unclear what is going to happen as the case has been adjourned until October 14th, however, one can be certain that this will serve as precedent for all that is to come after the fact.

    Rowdy and toxic crowd shouts and throws at cs:go tournament.
    Today was the finals of the Dreamhack open in Bucharest. won the two game series against Cloud9 to take the win. It was a very one-sided match-up in which the all-Polish team defeated the American team 16 - 9 on both Train and Cobblestone.

    Unfortunately, there were some unruly spectators in the stands during these finals. The crowd started holding up signs to reading “THEY ARE B” and “THEY ARE A”. Obviously, this shouldn't be allowed to go on. Although I'm not sure if these signs did anything more then annoy the team. It was most likely more of a troll then anything else, but when there is a $50,000 prize on the line, any distraction like this should not be tolerated.

    Nonetheless, this tournament was very fun to watch. One of the biggest players during the games was the 29 year old player Filip “NEO” Kubski. He has been an excellent player for in recent years.

    Here's a clip showing one of his clutches.

    You can watch both of the semi-final matches, as well as the grand-finals, here.

    And for all you non-CS:GO users, here are some of the newest games dropping this month:
    Tuesday, September 20

    Air Conflicts: Double Pack — PS4
    The Bunker— PS4
    Dear Esther: Landmark Edition — Xbox One, PS4
    Destiny: Rise of Iron — Xbox One, PS4
    Cossacks 3 — PC
    Jazzpunk — PS4
    Lastfight — PS4
    Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine — Vita
    Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse — 3DS
    Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition — Xbox One
    Slain: Back From Hell— PS4
    NBA 2K17 — Xbox One, PS4, 360, PS3, PC
    H1Z1: King of the Kill —PC
    Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs — PS4, PS3, Vita
    Wheels of Aurelia — PC
    Zenith — PS4
    Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 – PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
    Wednesday, September 21

    Agenda — PC
    Machinarium— PS4
    Firewatch — Xbox One
    Thursday, September 22

    Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity — PS4
    Virginia — PS4, Xbox One, PC
    Friday, September 23

    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade — PC
    Coming Soon

    Tuesday, September 27

    Darkest Dungeon — PS4, Vita
    FIFA 17 — Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360, PC
    Forza Horizon 3— PC, Xbox One
    Clustertruck — PC
    Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse — 3DS
    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero — Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Vita, PC
    Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice — 3DS
    Valhalla Hills — PS4, Xbox One
    XCOM 2 — Xbox One, PS4
    Hitman: Episode 5 — Xbox One, PS4, PC
    Thursday, September 29

    Nebula Online — PC, iOS, Android
    Unloved — PC
    Quantum Break — PC
    Burly Men at Sea — PC
    Friday, September 30

    Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits/Fleshy Souls — 3DS
    Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 — 3DS

    Source #1 Source #2

    New Miracle Material Graphene Will Change The World
    Graphene is an emerging material that has the potential to radically change the world. Graphene is made of a single layer of carbon atoms that are bonded together in a repeating pattern of hexagons. Graphene is one million times thinner than paper; so thin that it is actually considered two dimensional. Due to its honeycomb pattern, graphene earns the name of the strongest material in the world. So, how is it made? Well, chances are that you've actually made it before yourself. If you draw a line with a pencil, graphene flakes will actually fall off of your pencil. When the first introduction of graphene was put forth, it was incredibly interesting to other scientists because of its description of graphene’s strange physical properties. Electrons move through graphene obscenely fast and begin to exhibit behaviors as if they were massless, mimicking the physics that governs particles at super small scales. The properties of graphene don't stop there at all. Graphene is the stongest material in the world, 300 times stonger than steel, it's also the smallest material ever, clocking in at a million times thinner than a piece of paper. So, will it become the next manufacturing standard? Of course. But it won't stop there. Graphene is the most conductive material known to man. This is really important, because not only will graphene take over manufacturing, it'll take over the world of electronics. Graphene can act as a transistor and conductor, and will thus completely take out Silicon from micro-technology. Also, being twice as transparent as glass will help with computer screens and will make colors look much more vibrant. So, all in all, this isn't the last we're gonna hear of Graphene. Chances are that this miracle material is going to change not only the business world, but all of our lives as we know them.


    Samsung Note 7 Replacements Available September 21
    Around a week and a half ago, there have been many reported instances that the new Samsung Note 7's batteries could explode while charging. This created a lot of public concerns about the product and Samsung stepped forward and recalled all Note 7's. After Samsung's recall, CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) came out with a notice and recalled the phones as well. It was urged that the Note 7's were a high risk product and that any Note 7's should be returned in exchange for another Samsung phone, some of which included the Galaxy S7. CPSC and Samsung continue to work on this issue together to ensure that all Note 7's be returned. Finally, after a week of memes and angry consumers Samsung has finally given out a hard date for a replacement - September 21. On this day, you can swap your Note 7 for a new one.

    Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine
    When I began listening to this album I was a little confused. The title is "The Divine Feminine", and I was confused if Mac was attempting to place concentration on his femininity, place concentration on his new girl (Ariana Grande) or place concentration on his sexuality. I was wrong on all three guesses. I didn't realize it until I made it half way through the album. The focus of this album is the energy. Mac is attempting to promote the energy of love. Mac says in an interview "I want people to love to this record and realize they can love to it." So the usual party kid, college music maker has changed his path for this album. Do I enjoy the change? Not really, but the album is very well put together. Every song is on the slower side, like mentioned earlier solely concentrating on love. The feature list includes; Ty Dolla Sign, Bilal, Anderson Paak, Njomza, CeeLo Green and Kendrick Lamar. I was surprised to see so many features for a 10 song album, and I was also extremely surprised by the underground features.. What kind of feature list involves CeeLo, Kendrick, Anderson and Ty.. I immediately thought this album wouldn't amount to anything with the strange feature list but again my assumptions were proven wrong. The album is nice but it's definitely not something I would jam to everyday. The only time this album would be a pleasure to listen to would be when I'm trying to get intimate with a female.
    Sadly I'm going to give this album a 5 / 10.

    I expected a lot more from one of my favorite artists. Mac Miller delivered a new vibe with this one, and I wasn't a huge fan.

    Chance The Rapper Performs "No Problem" on Ellen with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz
    Chance The Rapper is one of the most buzzed-about and beloved rappers out in the hip-hop world, and in large part his appeal is rooted in his performances, which are frequently exuberant, delightful and as always a joy to witness. Chance, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz were guests on Ellen this week. They performed "No Problem" from Chance's mixtape called Coloring Book, while tearing up a mock record label office on the stage. The performance was all the more poignant given the recent drama involving Lil Wayne. Wayne snuck some new lyrics into his verse: "And if that label try to stop me/ I'm gon' let 'em rob me/ Yeah, right, like Ryan Lochte". Chance The Rapper also sat down with Ellen for an interview. They spoke of Chance's decision onto why he gives away his music for free. They also discussed their first time meeting at President Obama's recent birthday party. Chance stated, "I don’t get invited to White House parties, but I was in it, I was revelling in it, I was drunk … and when you said that to me, I was telling stories, like, ‘Yeah man, Ellen said she was gonna have me on the show!’ And I was like, ‘Did she say that?"

    If you want to watch the performance, click here.
    If you want to watch Ellen's interview with Chance The Rapper, click here.

    Manchester United have lost 3 matches in row, coach blames the players.
    Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho blames his team and criticized the left-back player Luke Shaw after losing 3-1 at Watford on Sunday. This defeat was the third defeat in row in one week for the team. Mourinho said that the second goal was a defenders mistake, when they were 25 meters away from the Watford striker Amrabat after he recieved the ball, they have to jump, go, and press, but no, they waited for him to come. He split these defeats into three factors, first, the referee’s crucial mistakes which aren't in his control. He said that the goal in the minute 55 was an offside goal and shouldn't be counted. Secondly, being lucky and unlucky, which is a part of any game or match. The third thing is the improvement of his team, which is in his control, he said he will stop the defensive mistakes that were the reason they lost in the last three matches.

    New England Patriots Jimmy Garoppolo injured, Jacoby Brissett only QB left on roster.
    Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo's shoulder was injured in Sundays game versus the Miami Dolphins. He was tackled into the ground by the Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso. Garoppolo, who has been in the drama filled Tom Brady suspension story was the Patriots go to guy for the first 4 games while Brady was suspended. Now, they must use 3rd round pick rookie Jacoby Brissett for their next 2 games. As of right now, their backup quarterback to Brissett is WR Julian Edelman. They will most likely be picking somebody up from the free agency market before their Thursday night versus the Houston Texans.

    Sneak Peak at Hudson's Yard 600' Tower
    The push to make the far West Side’s Hudson Yards a major destination is officially underway: At a press conference held on September 14, long-awaited designs for the project and its sculptural centerpiece, by UK artist Thomas Heatherwick, were finally unveiled this week.


    Started on the street, ended in a museum
    Street art in a car park in Liverpool has been removed from the park so it can make its way to a new street art gallery where it will be remade and exhibited. The work Love Plane was painted back in 2011. It is a painting or aa plaining leaving a smokey heart-shpaked trail behind its path. At the moment only the plain has been removed but the smokey heart can still be seen. A lot of street artist do not like the idea because that consider it as a threat to street art and its importance.


    Realm of the Mad God Hacks and Cheats
    Our very own minion of RotMG, @Luis , has released the most up to date version of the prestigious "Orape" client. Shortened for "Oryx Rape", this client is meant to break the game by adding in some of the best hacks ever release in the realm. Including such things as projectile no-clip, auto-nexus, and even the ability to block all enemy debuffs, this client will surely boost your level of play and let you rip Oryx the Mad God a new one!

    To download this hack, simply click here and navigate to the bottom of his post.

    Art & Graphic Design
    This week we are featuring the Art & Graphic Design section, which is currently does not have a dedicated moderation team.
    Most of you users probably think MPGH is just for downloading free VIP hacks. Well this week we will be assisting you to endeavour further.
    The Art & Graphic Design section is a place where users gather to learn how to photoshop, get criticism on their work, and host contests for money. Some of you users are probably thinking, "I'm not very good at photoshop" or "I don't know how to photoshop". Well don't fear because MPGH users have made tutorials to teach you!
    Below is a snippet of what the section has to offer!

    Made by MPGH User, Mien

    Image Source

    The Fast and the…. Scaly?
    Formula one is no stranger to dangerous track zones, and this was especially the case on Saturday, after a monitor lizard wandered on the track. “There’s a giant lizard on the track," said Driver Max Verstappen.” "You came face to face with Godzilla," the 18-year-old's engineer told him over the pit-to-car radio after the startled Dutchman alerted the team to the reptile's presence. However, it is common for animals to wander onto the track depending on location, although this is the first time it has happened with a lizard, especially one as large as this. Deer have appeared on track in Austria in the past, snakes in Malaysia and a cat ran out in front of cars in Azerbaijan's debut race this year in Baku.
    Thankfully no one, (or Lizard) was injured and the Lizard was moved safely off the track.

    Interview - [MPGH]Flengo

    [MPGH]Hova: Hey Flengo! Thank you for taking some time out and letting me interview you. How are you today?

    [MPGH]Flengo: I'm fine, thanks for asking. How are you?

    [MPGH]Hova: I am doing fantastic thank you! Mind telling us a little bit about how you stumbled upon on MPGH?

    [MPGH]Flengo: I initially came her for Combat Arms hacks. When I first joined I was just looking to use hacks because I was bad and hacks were fun to use. Pretty quickly though I became more interested in actually making hacks. I had one good friend I knew from another forum I was on previously who helped me out a lot. I had a good start in hacking because of him.

    [MPGH]Hova: Combat Arms was a very fun game to play. Brings back a lot of memories. Have you released any of your own hacks on MPGH?

    [MPGH]Flengo: Yeah I released a lot of them and got Contributor for it. That was the first group I got on MPGH. Not too long ago I told Dave to remove the tag since I hadn't made any hacks in a long time, and I lost the interest to. I had pretty much gotten to the end with making hacks for Combat Arms and the game kind of died down.

    [MPGH]Hova: I am sure it was quite the learning experience however right? So how did your journey on MPGH take you from Contributor to GM?

    [MPGH]Flengo: Some time after I got contributor I wanted to become a Minion for Combat Arms. I started contributing to the section more than I already was. I think the second or third time applications were opened since then I ended up getting Minion for Combat Arms. I still made hacks while I was Minion. After a few months I was given Minion+ and I was really happy about that. Then a few months after that, I was given GM at the same time as @BACKD00R which was really nice to be able to share that with him. He was good help and looked over what I did when I was Minion, as he also had Combat Arms. Then 3 years went by since getting GM and here I am now.

    [MPGH]Hova: That is quite incredible that you were able to become a Minion in the section you were a Contributor for. Dreams do come true right? Next question. Has MPGH affected your life in any way?

    [MPGH]Flengo: Yeah definitely. Being staff here has really contributed to who I am today, and I'm sure it will still continue to contribute. The people I was able to work with and talk to have subtly helped. Especially upper staff like Dave, Arun, and Liz. Apart from the people, just the job that I have has helped form who I am. I was still kind of young when I became Minion, so to have MPGH from then on was really good for me I think. I know for sure things would be different for me if I was never on MPGH.

    [MPGH]Hova: Speaking of life outside of MPGH, how do you spend your time when you're not online handing out bans?

    [MPGH]Flengo: Right now it's mostly school, work, or out with friends. When I have the time, photography is something that I've been doing for a long time now. I'm slowly working on gathering pictures for a physical album book.

    [MPGH]Hova: You should share more of your photos on MPGH. I am sure everyone would enjoy seeing them. Well Flengo, thank you for letting me interview you. It's a treat to get to know you better. Would you like to shout anyone out before we end this?

    [MPGH]Flengo: Thanks a lot for taking the time to interview me! I would like to give a shout out to head potato @Mayion and not a GM @Hova and shitty HOMM @Psychotic and Master @hunter And @Hero hi

    [MPGH]Hova: Awesome! Thanks so much, best regards to you from the family over at News Force. Keep on doing great things for MPGH. Take care.

    [MPGH]Flengo: You're a noob.

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    I NEED TO HELP PEOPLE IN HOUSTON TX UNBAN ME I don't deserve to be banned ever! I am damn near A perfect users do I look like "Dildotheking" to you guys??? I can see him being banned this long but not me!
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    I am not very happy about this. Now I have to live with two infractions for the rest of my LIFE!! Over a little spamming. That's like me going to jail for 934563498 years for jaywalking. Now I have to hang and chat with the other low lives with infractions!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    Hello, I would like to request Admin for A day. I have been in leader positions in certain things such as Roblox So I would hope you guys let me one day get od or Admin for A day
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post
    Do not deal with this DEMON!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by cornerpath View Post

    Premium Seller - December 2017
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    The journey is over, I am finally GM. Thank you if you supported me.

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    Tech news was great as usual

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    How come you didn't start the conversation with "hi" in your interview @Flengo

    Not a thing anymore?

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    Not a thing anymore?

    Needed to control myself this time.
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    [MPGH]Hova: Awesome! Thanks so much, best regards to you from the family over at News Force. Keep on doing great things for MPGH. Take care.

    [MPGH]Flengo: You're a noob.
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    Gud news thanks for covering me @Hova
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    Great job writing this one.

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    It's an honor to be in the News force team.
    Good job guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydra View Post
    Fornite is basically just Overwatch. Same concept.

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    Awesome, but I really don't deserve hack of the week, all I did was barely update an existing hack
    Thanks tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luis View Post
    Awesome, but I really don't deserve hack of the week, all I did was barely update an existing hack
    Thanks tho

    When they mention you but you think you don't deserve it

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    Fornite is basically just Overwatch. Same concept.

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    longer interview please.

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