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    MPGH News - 146th Edition

    146th Edition - March 20th, 2017

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    Hot Threads:

    North Korea test a new missile engine.
    North Korea has conducted a test of a new high-thrust engine, Kim Jong Un said the successful test was "a new birth" of its rocket industry. That's how the North Korean leader described what happened on 18 march at the Sohae satellite launching station a.k.a (Tongchang-ri), where has been tested his new missile engine. This "power act" can be considered as a challenge against the U.S and the rest of the world since in the same days the U.S secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson was visiting the Far East to discuss with South Korea, China and Japan on how to curb North Korea's nuclear plans and missiles. However this isn't the first time that the North Korea in defiance of United Nations sanctions conduces missiles launches and nuclear tests.
    Moreover according to some experts and government officials the North Korea is suspected to be developing nuclear-warhead missiles that could reach the U.S. Kim Jong Un has said: "North Korea is close to a test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile."
    As declared in a note by the Washington-based think tank 38 North, North Korea had installed the environmental shelter in late 2015 to conceal detection of test preparations. "As icing on the cake" Kim Jong Un said: " that the success made in the current test marked a great event of historic significance and that the whole world will soon witness of what significance that the great today victory carries."

    Traces of Earth's original crust found in Canadian Shield
    Earth's composition is unique, where rocky crusts form and move through the surface. Over time, these crusts have been submerged in water as they are pushed down into the ocean through naturalistic movement. We know that the oldest crust to exist is approximately 2.7 billion years old. But the oldest crust, theoretically, is said to be 4.6 billion years old, which has not been found as of yet, but the search remains elusive. With the goal of finding some sort of evidence for the oldest possible crust, Jonathan O'Neil, an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, gathered his team of researchers to visit Northern Quebec, within the Canadian Shield, to gather samples. His team found evidence of Earth's original crust, and after analysis, determined the approximate time the traces were dated to. Dating rocks is a difficult process, but one method, which was used by Neil's team, is by measuring an isotope that was produced within the last 500 million years: neodymium-142. From this, they narrowed down the date of the traces to be approximately 4.2 to 4.3 billion years old. The finding do not provide conclusive evidence regarding Earth's early history, but it does shed information of some of its development, as Jonathan O'Neil stated, "at least it gives us more tools to understand geodynamics. Was the process the same everywhere on earth? Or was it local?" The process he is referring to is the formation of rocks, and its tendency to move on Earth. "These are all questions we'll have to answer", O'Neil mentioned.


    Mass Effect: Andromeda Criticism
    Mass Effect: Andromeda isn't officially supposed to be launched until March 21st in North America, however some PC and Xbox One users have been given access to play some of the game early.

    EA Access members have been permitted a 10 hour trial of the game. The trial allows players to try out a few campaign missions and play the multiplayer for however much time they have left of their 10 hours.

    So far users aren't impressed, the game is less than a week from being fully released and recorded footage has started to appear with people noticing major animation issues with the game. Firstly people noticed odd facial movements and walking patterns but now people are catching onto very sloppy details which should have been fixed instantly. Like in this cutscene, she has her gun backwards!

    However these are all things that can be fixed. The biggest complaint from the community is that animations have been reused from the previous games in the series and they are purely unhappy with the effort put into this new game. Let's hope EA/Origin can do something about this and make the community happy again.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda Companion App
    The new role-playing game Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released after a few days, but if you no longer have patience, the mobile application for it already can be downloaded.
    The name is Apex HQ and it's similar to the application that accompanied the Mass Effect 3 before time. In other words, you will be constantly connected to your game and watch modes and progress in it, even when you're not in front of the console.
    Except that, the app collects statistics for all your multiplayer games. Apex HQ also shows which characters are unlocked and lets you choose your equipment before each subsequent battle. This covers both standard multiplayer matches and Strike Team missions from the single campaign.
    You will also see global ranking of the best players, unlocked achievements, upcoming missions and others. In other words, nothing fundamentally different, but at the same time a useful application for serious players. Well, it would be much cooler if we had seen a real mobile game similar to the great Mass Effect: Infiltrator, but unfortunately, mobile gaming has turned its back on this type of premium games from a long time ago.
    Apex HQ can be downloaded in versions for iOS and Android, and Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21 in North America and March 23 in Europe for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    The USB Killer Gets an Update
    Around half a year ago, the device known today as the USB Killer was introduced to consumers around the world as a product that can basically kill devices such as computers, laptops, consoles, and anything with a USB port. The premise behind the device is that it shoots a high voltage at certain intervals into the device it is plugged in. When the high voltage gets "sent in" the device is either bricked or the USB port will no longer work. Many YouTubers that got a hold of this device made numerous videos that became viral. Today, the USB Killer is pretty much known across the tech world as a relatively dangerous device. The creators of the USB Killer has updated their first generation model and has come out with a more powerful model. The new USB Killer is a more powerful version with a higher voltage amp output and a three-times faster pulse rate of up to 12 times a second. Also the USB Killer can now come in the form of a microUSB, USB-C, and Lightning adapters. What this means is that the USB Killer can now be plugged into more products such as Apple products. The cost is currently set at $53.


    Uber president Jeff Jones steps down
    After serving as president to the taxi driving company Uber for only six months Jeff Jones has decided to step down as Uber president. The reason why he decided to step down is still unclear and we can only speculate however some sources from Uber have stated that the company has been thinking about getting a new Chief Operating officer and Mr.Jones was shocked and upset that he was not among the candidates for this new position and that is what lead to him decided to step down as Uber president. There are other speculations too, such as Uber's constant struggles with sexual harassment and sexism and them not being able to solve this issue hence Mr. Jones leaving Uber and not wanting to represent a company that would tolerate such kind of behavior. Whatever Jeff Jones reason for leaving Uber may be the company wished him the best of luck on his future projects.

    https://www.b b c .com/news/technology-39323828

    Drake - More Life
    Finally Drake has relieved us by releasing another "album". Now this isn't a formal album it's actually a playlist. Drake said in an interview that it's to keep the fans content until he releases his next album. Personally I enjoy this playlist way more than Views and I really like views. Most people will probably diss the playlist before they give it a proper chance. When listening to the playlist you have to remember IT IS NOT AN ALBUM. The playlist is ordered to where it sounds like a DJ is mixing for a slow dance, Jamaican hip-hop joint. The chill vibes on this album are very heavy. Don't get me wrong, there are a few songs where the tempo is up and the bars are coming fast but for the most part this is a dance playlist. At the end and beginnings of certain songs you can even hear a DJ talking as if he's talking to a radio audience or a club audience. It's a very nice mixture in my eyes, and Drake was right to call it a playlist versus an album. This is one of those tapes you just start at the beginning and let it roll all the way through. Personally I loved it.
    I give this playlist a 10 / 10. This playlist can be streamed through Spotify.

    Hasselhoff - Mike Will (ft. Lil Yachty)
    After revealing the full tracklist for his official debut studio album, Ransom 2, Mike Will Made It released the fourth single in advance of the project on Sunday, March 19 ,2016. "Hasselhoff" finds Lil Yachty in his more aggressive flows over a menacing beat from EarDrummers label head. Also, of course the title of the single is related to David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame. The song follows “Nothing Is Promised” featuring Rihanna, “Gucci On My” with 21 Savage, YG, and Migos, and “On the Come Up” with Big Sean in the lead up to Ransom 2, which is due out this Friday, March 24.
    If you want to listen to the single, click here.

    Yaya Toure's agent is open to Manchester United transfer
    Yaya Toure has restated his desire to stay at Manchester City, but his agent has revealed negotiations with other clubs have begun. Representative Dimitri Seluk has claimed Toure would be open to an offer from rival, Manchester United. Until now he has not done so, but Seluk says that situations have changed and the outspoken Ukrainian did not even rule out what would be a contentious cross-city switch to arch-rival, United. Seluk told Sky Sports News: "Why not? Jose Mourinho is a very good coach. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was together with Yaya in Barcelona. I understand this is two clubs who are rivals, but for me, for example, this is not a problem from Yaya or from me. This problem will be from Manchester City staff." Such a move like this will upset tons of Manchester City fans but is this the right move for Yaya Toure?

    What to expect in 2017 Formula One
    This season of Formula One looks very promising so far. 2017 F1 cars feature a new design with an aggressive style.The pointing noses, low rear rings, and the fat, more durable Pirelli rubber all have combined together to give new cars the new appearance. We are about to witness improvements not only in the matter of design, and look but also in performance and efficiency. The focus on improved aerodynamics means the overall performance of racing cars will be better than it was before, especially when cornering. The increase in dirty air in the wake of cars will also be another effect of the focus on aerodynamics. Another target for this season was successfully achieved and it was lowering the lap time by five seconds. We will see new faces in this season, Ross Brawn will be the new sporting director, replacing Bernie Ecclestone. Also, James Allison will replace Paddy Lowe at Mercedes, and Paddy Lowe will be settling in at Williams. The 2017 F1 season will start on March 26 in Australia (Melbourne).

    Guggenheim Foundation Names Wendy Fisher Board President
    After serving as President for 12 whole years at Guggenheim Foundation, Jennifer Blei Stockman has decided to step down and let Wendy Fisher be its new Board President. Jennifer Blei Stockman however will still be working with Guggenheim Foundation as an advisor and emeritus trustee. When Fisher first joined Guggenheim Foundation back in 2013 to work as a art and museum committee trustee, I don't think she ever imagined that one day she would become Guggenheim Foundation's new president. The transition of position from Jennifer to Wendy was really smooth and it couldn't have been done better said Guggenheim director Richard Armstrong. Fisher also said that she hopes to take Guggenhiem to new heights and wishes to bring in more money to expand on the wonderful work done by Jennifer Blei Stockman in her 12 years as president. Whatever the future of Guggenheim Foundation, we hope the best of luck to Wendy Fisher as it's new Board President.

    Anti-Trump Billboard
    Big debates are circulating social media about this anti-trump billboard created by Karen Fiorito. Some share the same feelings that she tries to express through her art, but some think she stepped out of line. She was briefly interviewed by the news where she said the following, "Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction." Just like the Times magazine cover we mentioned before, this piece of art has some little details we must pay attention to. Some of those details are the nuclear bombs, Nazi-like money signs, Russian labels on the suit, clowns, and a couple others. Billboard owner is backing the artist and stated that he will keep the billboard up until Trump is president.


    Member Introduction & Return

    This week we are featuring the Member Introduction & Return section, which is currently moderated by [MPGH]Saboteur.
    This section allows for all MPGH users to introduce themselves on MPGH, and even give some insight as to what they want to achieve/do on this site. This section is also for MPGH users who have been inactive for a period of time and want to come back. They can post a thread here and let us know what they've been up to during the time they've been inactive.
    If you're wondering what some of the guidelines to posting in this section are, there are two good threads to view. The first thread is The New User's Guide to MPGH which helps you to post a thread in this section and also customize your own profile! The second thread, Anyone Who Spams This Section is a warning thread by the site owner, Dave84311.
    There is a sub-section called Dear MPGH which is for users to talk about how MPGH has affected your life. This is a great section to inspire other's to register on the site!

    Meet this real life Rapunzel!
    If you complain about having to comb your hair, maybe this will make you complain a lot less. Alia Nasroya is a twenty-seven year old Latvian resident that has very long hair. She's often given the nickname, "Rapunzel" by her friends and even people she passes by. Her hair measures out to 90 inches long and weigh a lot. She has spent the past twenty years to get her hair this long, and was inspired by Rapunzel. "Nasroya’s husband, Ivan Balaban, is proud of her long locks, but does what he can to stay out of her hair ― literally. He says, "I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way" (Huffington Post).

    She is currently a model and plans on growing her hair further although she thinks it has stopped growing because the past couple of months have shown barely any growth. Alas, it looks like her hair has gotten as long at it will ever be! However, there is "good news" as she does not planning on getting her hair cut any shorter any time soon unless it starts affecting her health and those she cares about. Here's to the many children that have attempted to literally climb her hair and succeeded. Thanks for being a great sport and keeping the Rapunzel "fairy-tale" alive, Alia!

    Interview - TheJoker

    [MPGH]ByodoM: Hey Joker, thanks for taking the time to be interviewed for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    TheJoker: Pretty good.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: Well, that's good to know. Could you tell us how you joined MPGH and what made you want to stay?

    TheJoker: Well I originally joined MPGH for hacks for Xbox 360 and when I originally came to my surprise there was nothing so I left, I was pretty silent for a year of me being on MPGH then really started to pick up at being active at the beginning of 2016 when I started to get into creating scripts for the CS:GO script section.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: It's always nice seeing you around. Could you tell us what your favorite section at MPGH is and why?

    TheJoker: My favorite section is the CS:GO section, main reason is because that's where I technically began my start on MPGH. But as I said it's the script section I started to release scripts there every now and then becoming decently known in that section, I have met a lot of my friends there and honestly wouldn't regret starting there. I still have a great time in that section till this day.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: I have seen you around helping individuals by answering their questions and just being a good community member overall. You're still in high school but possess a mature insight and character. What would advise folk your age to do better?

    TheJoker: I honestly would suggest to just grow up and try not to follow dumb trends, be yourself and just don't let anyone change that because if you’re not yourself who are you gonna be?

    [MPGH]ByodoM: Wise words to live by. So what do you do when you are not browsing MPGH? What other hobbies/interests do you have?

    TheJoker: I tend to spend time playing games or trying to SE some things for family and personal things. I have an interest in GFX, Coding, and Gaming.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: You sound like an aspiring teenager (not referring to the SE'ing part, haha). Would you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist or a realist and why?

    TheJoker: This is a very hard question since sometimes I can be all three of those. It would have to depend on the situation but if I would have to choose I'm more of a optimist I like to see the bright side of things instead of having doubt. Doubt can just lead to failure in some situations.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: I agree, it is sometimes hard to define ourselves to just one role. Time to spice things up. What’s one thing you’ve done that you‘ve always regretted doing? On the opposite spectrum, what is the greatest thing that has ever happened to you?

    TheJoker: One thing I would have to regret is me always getting my steam accounts banned 30 minutes after buying a valve pack on the account since in the end I was just wasting my mother's money. Greatest thing I would have to say 2 things which is getting into social engineering and getting into MPGH. but if it would have to be one I would definitely choose MPGH because honestly really great community in general that I spend a lot of my free time on.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: I agree, this is a community that I too was grateful for stumbling upon. What do you aim to achieve and be (ambitions and goals)?

    TheJoker: My goals for MPGH are become well known, release more scripts, become some type of staff. My goals for in life would get more into coding and learn different Languages, Pass high school and college is good grades and in the end get some type of IT or programming job.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: One last question. If given the chance to change something at MPGH, what would it be?

    TheJoker: I feel some restrictions should be put on the marketplace like more that protect users who try and buy products, I feel though when the middleman service is back there might be less scamming on MPGH.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: It's great that arunforce will soon be revealing something similar to an escrow system soon. Would you like to give a shout-out to someone before we end the interview?

    TheJoker: Sure a couple, would like to shout out my friends @Hunter @_NightWare @nNET @Luverdark's Cute Daughter they are part of our original script section group the fuckboi squad great guys and honestly wouldn't know what It would be if I didn't meet them.

    [MPGH]ByodoM: It's been a pleasure interviewing you and getting to know you better Joker. Thanks again for letting the community get an insight into your life.

    TheJoker: No, thank you for the interview have a nice day

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